Saturday, April 9, 2011

What a week!!

Our week started out rather slowly but by Wednesday it was top speed. Taylor was celebrating his 40th birthday this week and I did not want to let it go by without celebrating it in high style with lots of friends and family. I forgot my camera on Wednesday evening so I didn't get any photos of the party after church but it was really a blessing. He and a friend of his have their birthdays a day apart so we celebrated them together. Taylor, being a NCState fan, got red and black decorations, and his friend, being a Duke fan, got blue!! The NCState themed cake went first - need I say more???? JK - I do not join in the fracas of college allegiances in North Carolina - it's a dangerous prospect.

Anyway, we celebrated on Thursday, which was his actual birthday. His parents came for that, as well as my parents. Here are some photos of that celebration:

Taylor wearing my present. Kristinie the Great did not like them at all!!1

Opening the childrens' presents. We love Dollar Tree!! 

Taylor always gets a kick out of what the children pick out.

Our Maddie and her Daddy with the special Birthday cake.

The BIG birthday celebration was at my dad and mom's house. I call them Dorothy and the Great Oz. Here are some photos from all the fun we had. 

Sawyer and Kristine

Grandma Jackie, Grandpa Chris, and Aiden, Joe's son

Rachel and Kristine

Beatrice dressing in Grandma Jones' clothes

Sawyer and Robert

Rachel and Kristine

Jackie and Maddie

Robert and Sawyer

Kathryn, Lindsay, and Lily

Lily and Kristine

Maddie - I am not sure what's wrong!! 

Aiden and Grandma Jackie

John eating Uncle Taylor's chcoolate bar

He really loves candy.


The cake "on fire"!!

The candles are getting mysteriously blown out by Beatrice and Robert!!

Grandma Jones and Lindsay dancing.

Lily and Lindsay
Taylor's birthday was a great celebration at my parents' house. We had a terrific time. I thank the Lord for him and pray that God will bless us with many more birthdays to come.

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