Monday, December 24, 2012


Today is Christmas Eve and if anyone came to our house they would think we were a bunch of scrooges. We took all of our indoor decorations down because we are supposed to be at Taylors' family for Christmas. But his dad has the flu and we are going to go tomorrow. Which will be Christmas day and I have been reminded by our children that our decorations are down and they already opened their presents! I think it is great to have nothing to do on Christmas eve. Well, except get ready to go away tomorrow.

The first pboto, I think, is Lindsay and her best friend singing a song in their Christmas play. The next one is some of our friends being silly at the mall! There is nothing more interesting tham two moms and ten children walking around the mall. My friend has three children and Maddie and Robert each had a friend with them. This was a big milestone for Maddie, too. She and her friend got to walk around the mall by themselves for thirty minutes! And I survived! And they came back right on time. I was very proud of them.

Roberts tenth birthday was last Tuesday. He had a big time celebrating and I made his favorite cake: red velvet, from scratch! On Wednesday we went to my moms to make ice cream cone Christmas trees. Thursday was Roberts pack meeting. He is getting ready to become a Boy Scout.

When we got home we celebrated our Christmas. I am so thankful for our children. They were thankful for everything they received!

On Saturday we celebrated Christmas and Roberts birthday with my family. Evryone had fun and Lindsay got the most annoying toy in the world: a furby! It doesn't have an off switch and I wish it came with a hammer! She really likes it too! I thought she would get it and then be bored with it after the first twenty minutes. Kristine got exactly what she wamted: craft supplies. And she has used up quite a bit already! Haha!

Today I finally got around to repairing Roberts pants. The photo is the emd result.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas! :)

Saturday, December 15, 2012

The week in review

Here is our week in review. It has been a great week but I have dropped the ball with the three wise guys! I am sad about that but plan to pivm it up tonight. We went to Monkey Joes with our little buddy A. He had a ball with his big friends.
The glitter mess is made by none other than Kristinie the Great. She is our little Martha Stewart. And, like Mahhhhtha, she loves glitter. She wanted to make a card for Roberts friend Jacob amd assured me she woukd not use 'dwidder'. But she loves bottle glue! Yep. Thank you God for blessing me with her. I despise glitter, by the way. I meam, I love the thought of glitter but I dont like to USE glitter. I know, I know. I wam just a baby. But we'll move on. I dont want to discuss my faults, as few as I have.

The rest of the week was hohum. We went to the nursing home, Kristinie the Great made Robert an early birthday cake, we had lunch with my dad and mom at Wendys. Oh! Heres a funny story. I was in line with Mom and I heard Kristine yelling. I thought she was arguing with one of her siblings or cousins. Nooooooooo!!!! She was yelling at Grandpa! He had taken a bite of her frosty without asking!!!!! I tell ya! And to top it off, some lady was scowling at Kristine because she got upset. So I said in a loud voice so nosey lady could hear, 'Dad! How could you have such bad manners and take food from one of your grandchildren without asking?' I looked right at the lady who scowled at Kristine too! She didnt know what to do! Ha ha ha!!!!!

We went to a friends house for lunch thks week and had a great time! They have the sweetest dogs!! The children enjoyed themselves sooooo much! They evem played their kinect. I tried too but I was not too good at it.

Pinterest is my favorite website. If you see the photo with Bea and Kristine in a shirt, it is the get along shirt. Bea and KK would not stop arguing so I put them in a t-shirt and told them they had to get along. They did not like it but after about 30 minutes they realized I wasnt kidding so they got along. And have gotten along all day! Thank you, pinterest!

The other pinterest find I have a photo of is tape balls filled with candy. It is a party game. The object is to unwrap the tape and get as much candy as you can out of it! This is for awana for our Christmas party tomorrow night.

The last photo is a blanke I made for a friends daughters baby shower. Her nursery them is polka dots and dragon flies. I hope I got it right.

Next week is our last week of school and we will have winter break. I think I did pretty good with our days that we put in before Christmas. We normally reach day 100 by the kiddle to ejd of Febrauary. This year I think we will reach it by the middle to ejd of January. This is very exciting to me. I like to finish early so we can do fun stuff without having to contend with crowds. Our curriculum has 170 days and we are required to do 180 days, including field trips so we actually go over the 180 days.

Time to sign off now. I have to make two awana flyers for tomorrow night.

Monday, December 10, 2012

In the throes of the Christmas season!

We have a lot of friends who use the elf on the shelf. The moms(or dads) move him(or her) around the house to keep a watch on th e kids for Santa. Everyday he(or she) is in a different spot. So the children wake up excited to see where he(or she) will be. We dont have an elf on the shelf because he it is creepy looking and I am afraid I might find it wielding my meat cleaver one day. I thought the idea was fun though our kids kniw Santa is a storybook character. No, we havent ruined Christm as we know it! In fact, our children love Santa - well actually Bea and Kristine are terrified of him still but Lindsay and Robert enjoy seeing him.

Back to the elf on the shelf.  I wanted to do something similar so I came up with the three wise guys. Almost everyday they do something silly and have an attribute of Jesus and a Bible verse to go with it. Here are some of the things they have been up to:

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Playing catch up!

It has been over two months since I last posted. We have been busy! But I have also been lazy. I just found out I have a blogger app on my phone. This coukd become dangerous. That being said, this post will be a post in pictures.
The pivtures are in reverse time order. That is a new phrase I hope will catch on! Since I am just learning how to blog on my smart phone this will be interesting. Later I will add more pictures! :)