Thursday, April 8, 2010

Blanket troubles

I finally thought I figured out the best way to get Kristinie the Great, 18 month old, to give up her blanket to be washed. I let her put it in the washing machine and shut the door. Well, she shut it and then started hollering after it was shut in and the washer started. I shut the accordian doors to our laundry area and she laid on the ground outside yelling, "ba ba! ba ba! Mama! ba ba!" It was returned, to her delight, clean and fresh smelling about an hour later. It was a long hour, though.


We celebrated Taylor's birthday after church last night and it was supposed to be a surprise. Well, at dinner, Beatrice, 3yo, kept talking and mentioning "part" throughout her conversation. I discreetly ignored it. Our son, Robert, 7yo, decided to try to stop the train wreck. He finally said, "Bea!! Be quiet. It's supposed to be a surprise!"; to which Beatrice replied, "Wobert! I know it's a soopwise!! I'm not going to tell Daddy we're having a party after church tonight!!" Taylor sits between the two of them so it was hard to ignore the heated dialogue. Needless to say, he figured out he was having a birthday party at church.

Beatrice and I were resting in the recliner this morning and she looks at me and yells, "MOMMY! I'm not married to you!"