Sunday, April 24, 2011

Travel time and crafting

One of our many adventures with our children includes visiting Taylor's parents. They love seeing their grandparents and Grandpa Blake is always coming up with fun things to do. Grandma Blake is always cooking up some wonderful dessert and planning the proper holiday activities. For Resurrection Day festivities, we colored the obligatory "heaster heggs" as Kristinie the Great says. But even as we colored the Easter Eggs, we remember that we are celebrating Jesus Christ's death, burial, and most importantly resurrection from the dead so that we might, if we so choose, have eternal life. I know that sounds too simple, right? Well, it IS simple. We must, as Acts 16:31 states, "Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and thou shalt be saved." I thank the Lord for my salvation. I don't worry about death or dying at all because of God's Amazing Love toward us!! God said, "whosoever will" may come. That means anyone, anytime, anywhere. The time, of course is now!! Our Beatrice made a profession of faith two weeks ago. What an exciting time that was!! She was very glad of her decision.

Well, back to our festivities. Here are some photos of our children having fun with Grandma and Grandpa and Lily and Sawyer, their cousins.

Beaker warming up for the "official" Easter egg hunt!! Dont' worry, she doesn't have a serious skin condition, just tattoos our Maddie likes to put on her.

Our "hester "hegg' dying troupe!!! Lily is on the far right.

Our Maddie is determined to be a tomboy. Not sure how holding a fish and being a tomboy are related, but she decided she was going to hold a fish - not something I would do without gloves on first!!

Robert on his four wheeler. YES!! He DRIVES this - all by HIMSELF!! I know, can you believe it!! He is a crazy man!! I know, Aunt Betty Jean, he DOES take after me, I'm afraid!! :) And this is his cousin Sawyer.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Resurrection Day as we celebrate our Saviour's sacrifice!! :)

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