Saturday, April 30, 2011

Eating, playing, and all that fun!!

We started our week by going out to lunch with Dorothy and my sister-in-law and her children. Dorothy took us to Red Robin which was lots of fun, as you can see from the hats Dorothy made.
Our Maddie with her hat!! Lindsay is hiding right beside her.

Robert in his hat.

Beatrice with her hat.

John with his hat. Beaker is helping him keep it on.

Lindsay with her fashionable hat.

After our trip to Red Robin, we headed home. On Wednesday, Kristinie the Great got the idea she needed something warm on her head. Who knows why - it was 80 something!! Well, she left her hat on the entire time we were at the nursing home and GUESS WHAT? The old people LOVED it!!! They were cracking up at her. Here she is in all her glory:
And just in case you're from the north, that is a "toboggan" on her head - not to be confused with a toboggan you ride down a hill!!!

Wednesday was the big day that Lindsay and Robert went to spend the night with Dorothy and the Great Oz. This doesn't happen very often so it was rather exciting. It's not because they dont' want to keep the children, they are just now getting to the age where they understand (the children, that is) that they can't all go at the same time.

On Thursday, Robert went with the Great Oz to run errands and do whatever he does. Lindsay stayed with Dorothy and they shopped and ran errands. Our Maddie got to spend the day with one of my friends who works in a school cafeteria. It was Take our sons and daughters to work Day. Taylor works at GE which is  a high security facility so none of the children could go with him. But Maddie got to go to see how a school cafeteria is run. She had a great time and she and my friend's daughter worked harder than her workers!!! Here they are dressed for their job.

Here's Maddie ready to work!!

Toni and Maddie at the awfully early hour of 6:00 or so getting ready to work!!

I don't have any pictures of Robert and Lindsay but from what I have been told, they had a great time. Since the big kids were off doing things, I decided to take the little kids to a place where big kids are not allowed. We have a place in town called Fit for Fun. It is for 5 and under. Neither Beatrice nor Kristinie the Great have been there. When we got inside they did not know what to do. It is a huge room filled with all kinds of toys, ride on cars, tunnels, a ball pit, balls, art center, Thomas table, snack room, etc. So Beatrice and Kristinie the Great just stood at the doorway staring. I walked them around the room and they still did not get it!! So I took them to the ball pit and threw them in. Yup, the compassionate Mom that I am - something had to be done!! After that they got it!! :)

Needless to say, they had  a BALL - no pun intended!! After that, we went to Dollar Tree so they could pick out a toy. I don't think the two of them knew what to do without the big kids. I had so much fun with them. Listening to the two of them talk together was hilarious. Kristinie the Great repeated everything Beatrice said. In the afternoon, Maddie came home and then we went ant got Robert and Lindsay. Everyone was glad to be back together but what fun they had doing something by themselves.

Friday was another busy day. Our big excitement was the weigh-in for the AWANA Grand Prix. We did that after Taylor got home from work. It is a labor of love for Taylor. Five cars, twenty wheels, lots of sanding, painting, weights, measuring, etc.!! But the children had fun preparing for it. The big day was this morning. All of the childrens' cars cross the finish line without any help. I was very thankful for that. Here they are showing off their cars - and for some, their trophies!!!

Finally, some miscellaneous photos that I have forgotten to post. Captions are as needed. Some need no explanation!!! :)

Kristinie the Great does not realize that she is getting nowhere fast!!

Cousin Lily and Beatrice.

Here Maddie is modeling the dress I am knitting for a baby due in June!! (Not ours) It may be a bit big!!

Lindsay wanted to make a cake for her Dad. It's a chocolate poundcake with Fluffy white icing and pink trim.

I assisted with the trim. The cake says, Daddy's Princess. I believe the Royal Wedding has us all star struck.

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