My Wonderful Children

God has blessed my dear husband, Taylor, and I with five wonderful cihldren. Our oldest is Madeline, who goes by Maddie. She is in fifth grade and loves art. She loves to paint anytime she can.

Our second child is Robert. He is in third grade and loves anything having to do with outdoors, legos, and wood.
Our third child is Lindsay. She is a girlie girl through and through. Her biggest concern is how fashionable she looks!!

Our fourth child is Beatrice. She is four years old and loves polar bears. She still sucks her thumb.

Our fifth child is Kristine, otherwise known as Kristinie the Great, KK, Kakes, Little K, Special K, the girl with a thousand nicknames. She is definitely her own person and she is only two!!

All of our children are precious gifts from God. We thank the Lord for each one of them and our heart's desire is that they would receive God's free gift of Salvation at young ages and go on to serve Him faithfully their whole lives.