Sunday, April 3, 2011

It's a Crazy Birthday Night!!!

Tonight is my most loved and hated night of the year in AWANA!!! It is Crazy Hair/Hat Night and Birthday Bash Night. It is a lot of fun and, well, craziness!! The night I have been dreading for ten years has finally come to fruition. I have been blessed because our children have never wanted to color their hair. Making it crazy, yes, wearing a crazy hat, yes, but colored hair? no. Well, not until now anyway. So the girls decided they wanted to color their hair blue and pink. Maddie in blue and Beatrice, Kristine, and Lindsay pink. Hair dye is a funny thing. It never goes where you want it. So while their hair looks somewhat blue - or pink - my hand and nails looked REALLY blue and pink. I have not decided what I am going to do for myself yet. Robert has chosen a more subdued hat - a HUGE Pooh Bear dressed in camouflage clothing stuck on his head. His picture will be posted later on tonight. But here are the girls in all their, um, glory!! :) Oh, I forgot to mention that I had to chase Kristinie the Great around the front stoop because she was afraid of it!! So that was a rather exciting adventure.

Kristinie the Great and Lindsay

Beatrice, Kristinie the Great, Lindsay, and Maddie (back row)

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