Saturday, March 9, 2013

And the week before

Here we are, the week before the Norwegian pancake incident.

I want to state right here and now that I am not a field trip person - but I LOVE field trips. The main reason is that I am afraid I will lose a child. Or one of them will be so naughty and I will go off on them in public and my friends will commit me to The Oaks *the equivalent of Graystone*. But I am getting braver. And for the record, our children behave great! We went ice skating with our homeschool group for Valentines day(pictures in next post if I am not too lazy to post them.) and so the children wanted to go again, saved their allowance money amd went with their friends. Oh! There is one other reason that I am apprehensive about going on field trips with my children. Because I am the only mom who thinks it's funny when my children's coordinations skills wreak havoc. Case in point: Kristine decided she wanted to skate without the sled to help her so ALL the big kids taught her. No one thought to tell her to stop at the wall BEFORE she came off the ice and then simply step off. Nooooooo... she was coming toward the door to the ice rink full speed ahead because she wanted to tell me she could skate unassisted. She hit the dry ground, flew through the air and smashed into the wall head first. I was in the snack bar, or as I call it the SMASH bar, watching the whole thing. I was right across from the door to the rink on a stool with a big window to watch it all. Did I run out to see if she was okay? No! I was laughing! She was so funny!!! All her siblings amd their friends were grabbing her amd helping her up and she had a huge smile on her face. She may have seen stars ands birds. I went out to check on her and thankfully she was fine. She did have her helmet on. Now I see why they wear them. We never did when we were kids. Of course there were also no SMASH bars to smash into.

See the pretty blue Porsche? That is not ours. But I did send a picture to Mr. Handsome so he could see how he is supporting our dentist. Yes, that is HIS car and I think he lives 45 minutes away on purpose, just so he can put that car through its paces.

Again another sleeping incident. This time no benadryl was involved. Only school. I left the room for a short period, came back, and this is what I found.

We celebrated our pastors' birthday with our church. We have two very talented cake decorators in our church so they each made him a cake. The Yankees cake was made by my best friend whose cakes I am partial to. And our pastor is a fan of the Yankees and NC State. Mr. Handsome went to NC State and for some reason he refers to them in the third person plural, which all gold southerners do when referring to their favorite college team, whether its Duke, Wake Forest, or Carolina. I cant understand how a 40-something person can use 'we' and 'our' and 'us' when referring to them.

My January mystery quilt block of the month. I do not like chevron. Anymore. I used to like it until I made this block. 144 pieces of fabric sewn together. Bleh.....

Maddie is pinning the nose on the clown at our AWANA birthday bash.

Busy new year

Well I guess I will go backwards. Last week was basically a wash as we were - gasp - sick!!!!!! We are recovering now so all's well. But I did get a quilt block done and it was my first ever attempt at paper piecing. I am doing a mystery quilt block of the month with riley blake designs. A friend from church gave me a bunch of fabric from his wife who had passed away a few years ago. So I am going to make him a quilt out of it. He doesn't know it yet - the little girls will surprise him with it. He loves them and they are warming up to him.

The picture of Kristinie the Great is from co-op. She and her class made the digestive system. A working one at that. We decided when they blow up the lungs they look like breast implants!!!! We - my friends and I - were cracking up when the kids came out of their classroom!

Robert and his friend Alex are working on a project in his co-op class. It is a history class and they must be focusing on wars because they picked the Vietnam War. They actually took their Great Wall of China project from another class and turned it into Vietnam. If they were in public school they probably would have been suspended for using army men. I am reminiscing here about the little boy who brought cupcakes to school with army men on them and he had to take them off! The other little boy on the right is Roberts friend Noah. He and his family live right behind us! We are so excited to have a homeschool family so close! They are all boys so no girls for the girls.

The picture with Lindsay sewing is my favorite! She is making a banner for her room. In decorating cirles they are all the rage. I am a square therefore I do not fit in decorating circles. I leave that to our Lindsay - our fashonista in training. She spends most of her time staring at me or looking up at the sky. I am sure its because I have such good taste.

Here ks what happens when you give your two youngest children benadryl in the middle of the day. Yep. They are supposed to be cleaning their room. What are they doing? Sleeping. I even found Kristinie the Great under the bed sleeping!

Our weekly favlrite breakfast is Norwegian pancakes. I have gotten so talented at making them I can use two frying pans. This photo is what happens when you depend on your children to help each other but are actually behaving like pirhanas, leaving Number Five to her own devices with the sugar. This pancake was not eaten by the way. It was quarantined to the trash can.

Today was such a nice day we went to the park near us. The children are looking for baby alligators. No, just kidding! They are looking for dinner - crawfish! Okay no they arent looking for dinner but they are looking for crawfish. Our trips to the park are the most distressing paart of my week. We start out all yay we are going to the park and we are going to ride our bikes and we are going to go really fast so Mommy and Daddy dont have to walk their bikes - oh wait they decided to walk instead so we are going to pedal furiously to the cut through then instead of waiting patiently for us to catch up we are going to cry like we have broken a limb, being sure we embarass our parents terribly. And its downhilll from there. But they really love the park.

Well that wraps up this weeks antics with us. Have a great week.