Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Nostalgia and Quilting

I had a wonderfully blessed night tonight. Our Maddie is taking an international foods class in co-op and she volunteered to make something from Norway. So, of course, we looked to Grandma Hansen for a recipe. We were going to make krumkake but knew that would take waaaaaaaayyyyy too much time. So instead, we made sandbakkel. I think that's what they're called. They are Norwegian butter cookies, made with a cookie press. Now I love the cookie press but if the pan is not perfectly prepared, it doesn't work properly. We were hit or miss. I would say 30% came out the way Grandma would have made them, 30% came out like plain old round cookies, and 39% came out way too crumbly to even keep. But we got enough for her class. And of course, being in the thick of things, I did not remember to take photos!!

That said, I did take photos of the childrens' quilt squares. I have been working very haphazardly on a quilt square per year for each of the children. The plan is, when they turn 18, they will get a quilt to go off to college with. But as slow as I am moving, that may or may not happen. So I have got my face set to get caught up. I have made one quilt square in two days, and started another today. So, here are the ones that I've completed, in random order. You will see that I have quite a bit to do. But I remember the saying, "By the yard it's hard, by the inch what a cinch!!"

This quilt square is for Robert's quilt. My aunt Charlotte made it for Robert . She is a terrific lady. She is my dad's cousin on his Mom's side and she is very funny.

Here is Beaker, completed. I need to do something different with his eyes. They were not doing what I wanted. And applique in a circle is REALLY difficult.

This is Maddie's second quilt square. She loves the beach.

Maddie's first quilt square. Her birthday is near fourth of July. The Pooh Bear fabric is from a table cloth from her baby shower, and the flower fabric is from Aunt Jackie. The denim is just some leftover stuff I had. I am planning to put her birthdate, weight, etc. in that.

Ah, Lizzy!! Of course, this is Maddie's. Her favorite stuff animal STILL is her Ty beanie buddy lizard.

Robert's first square. He was born at Christmas time.

Robert's second square. He loves hummers and baseball.

Beatrice's first square.

Lindsay's second square. I am trying to get her first one on here. It was my most labor intensive. I tried different things with it. It was a lot of fun. Well, maybe another day I can get it on here.

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