Monday, April 11, 2011

What a day!!

Some days seem to fly by and I wonder what I even accomplished. Today was not the case. Starting our morning out with what was supposed to be a simple errand, it was shortened due to my own error in process. So, with a bit of time on our hands, we headed to Dollar Tree to pick up sugar free candy because apparently old people can't eat real sugar here!! Go figure. While there, Beatrice assured me she would pay me back if I let her get something, which I acquiesced while trying not to laugh!! (And she did pay me back.) She bought herself a cheerleading outfit and boy it was a whole dollar's worth, let me tell you. We then headed to the beach. Yep, in April, we headed to Wrightsville Beach. I figured everyone would want to run up and down the beach. Boy, was I wrong. My children acted like they had never seen the ocean before, running straight into the water as far as they could. Even Kristinie the Great!!! My dilemna through the whole ordeal, was, Am I willing to run in that freezing cold water after her if she starts to float out to sea? Thank the Lord, Lindsay and Robert were glad to assist!!

After our polar bear cub club event, we headed home for lunch. Lindsay and Robert wanted to help. Of course, our favorite meal is ramen noodles, complete with a short dissertation by moi on how much cheaper it is to eat ramen noodles over regular noodles with parmesan cheese!! After lunch, school. And a nap for Kristinie the Great. After Beatrice finished school, she played with the nativity set while I worked on Kristinie the Great, aka Beaker's first quilt square. You can see the beginnings of it below, no detailing yet. That will happen tomorrow. I hope. Well, I DO have to complete that unfinished errand!! After everyone finished school, we cleaned the house. We all pitch in and do our part to get it picked up. Everyone works hard, even Beaker. We did have a bit of a struggle keeping up with Lindsay's boa feathers though. It seems to be shedding.

Beatrice in her cheerleading outfit

And this is why we don't have those quaint little Christmas cards EVERYONE else sends!! Too hard to get everyone happy, sitting still, SMILING, and looking at the camera!!

Mr. and Mrs. Howell, er Robert and Lindsay, in her boa, helping me cook. Notice the wooden spoons.

How many cooks spoil the broth? In our house, there are never enough cooks to help Mommy.

Beaker with no detailing.

One of our potato bags.

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