Monday, April 30, 2012

The Slacker that I am!

I think I have used this title before but I am not sure! My nook has all but replaced the laptop so I am lazy about getting my blog posted faithfully every week. In fact, except for posting Maddie's band concert link, I have not posted anything in, dare I say it, A MONTH!! But don't worry! I have been taking plenty of photos so all's well!

This is right before Easter. In back of Maddie is Mr. Jerry. He is one of our friends from the assisted living/nursing home we go visit every Wednesday. Mrs. Everett is right in front of him. She is 94 years old! Both of them are so nice!

Robert earned his Webelos II patch. This is his Cubmaster shaking his hand.

Here he is with his den leader. He and Mr. Handsome LOVE Cub Scouts! :)

Here is Mr. Handsome and Robert.

Lindsay, Beatrice, Beaker, and Maddie

One of our spring banners

This is what the little girls do when I am working on something REALLY important...... in my craft room....

And not wanting to leave the kitchen free of mess and craziness, here is Kristinie the Great's handiwork. Yes, she did this all by herself. And YES, she also cleaned it up all by herself!

Maddie really wanted to play an April Fool's joke on Mr. Robbie. So she made him a cupcake with Old Bay seasoning. He does not look very happy does he? He was such a good sport. He knew she did something!! The sad part was, Mrs. Melissa and Mr. Kenny wouldn't eat their GOOD cupcakes so two of the kids in Trek got them!

It was crazy hat and hair night. Here are two of our club members having fun with a soda bottle....

and a cup!

We went to Dorothy's to decorate eggs. The little fella in the lower left is our nephew's son, Aiden. He is going to be 4 next week! He is my brother Chris' grandson. 

Everyone is working hard and Dorothy did a great job making sure everyone had the same amount of eggs AND the same amount of colors! From the bottom it's Rachel (Tom's daughter), Beatrice, Maddie, Kristinie the Great, and Lindsay.

Beaker and Lindsay having a great time!

Robert and John working hard!

Here is Aiden. He really enjoyed himself. He loves his cousins, too.

Beaker showing off her handiwork.


Beatrice and Rachel

Beaker, Beatrice, and Rachel. We were blessed! We got to bring home five DOZEN eggs!!! 

We owed Lindsay a trip out to a restaurant all by herself. She picked Hiro's, a Japanese steakhouse.

Lindsay's effort to get a photo of Mr. Handsome and me.

After lunch, we went on an Easter egg hunt at the nursing home. Boy, was that ever fun!!! The staff there is terrific. They really do a lot of fun stuff to get all ages of people around the residents. Our children had a ball.

Beaker getting ready to find eggs!

Robert won a rabbit. He named him Georgie! And he won a big Easter basket filled with a soccer ball, kickball, and basketball.

Getting ready for the egg race. 

Beaker's turn at the pinata.

I also had to make a chocolate poundcake for Mr. Handsome's birthday..... AND....

A danish for our Easter breakfast at Church. The danish was wonderful, if I may say so myself. We were advised to get the danishes from SAM's but they are so unflavorful and boring! The great part about this was  one of my sister friends tried it, loved it, and came over and I showed her how to make them herself! 

Here we are eating breakfast. From left to right: Rachel, Beatrice, Robert, John, and Lindsay.

After the breakfast, the children put on a play. Robert had a main role and he was on the other side but I did not get his photo. This is the choir. Everyone did terrific except something happened to the sound and I was so sad for all the hard work the children and the directors put into it! Even John and Rachel joined the fun. Beaker had had enough and she came and sat with me. 

Here is Robert watching the maintenance guy at Champions, where we go every Wednesday, unlock my car. YES! I locked my keys in the car. NO! I did not have a spare! But now I DO have a spare. It is hiding on my van. Don't worry, you'll never find it. You have to be at least six feet tall to reach it. I nearly gave our song leader, who also happens to be a Mr. Jerry, a heart attack! When he realized what I had done, he was so worried, but I added to it when I turned to him and said, "Do you think AAA will mind coming out more than once in a month to unlock your car?" Yes, a week and a half prior to this, I did lock my keys in my car. Mr. Handsome was so relieved to know I had finally gone and made the extra key after this incident! There is a reason my friends call me Lucy! OH! And the maintenance guy DID unlock my car!

The OTHER spring banner taking shape.

After band we decided to go to the local park by us. Lindsay accidentally dropped her glasses in the pond. THE BOY graciously volunteered to get them, which he did. And then everyone wanted in on the fun. It wasn't until AFTER we went up by the playground and read the rules for the park, that we learned it was illegal to swim in the pond. My friend and I were mortified. And what's even worse is, someone was arrested over the weekend for swimming on park property! Not at this park, it was downtown in the Cape Fear River. I would never swim in there - ever again. There are all kinds of snakes, alligators, flotsam and jetsom. It's like a little Hudson River - well, except we have alligators. 

Beaker got to go to a birthday party! By herself! One of her little friends had a birthday party and she had a ball! We are terrible, horrible, bad parents. We don't do birthday parties with friends. Not because I don't want to but we celebrate everyone's birthday about three times. Once with my side of the family, once with Taylor's side, if we are there or they happen to be here, and then with just us. By the time, we are done, I am partied out. And we have SEVEN birthdays to celebrate, which translates into approximately 21 birthday parties. Now, when they children turn seven, they get a big sleepover birthday party. They can invite as many people, providing they are the same gender as the birthday child, as they want. And I try to pull out all the stops. The girl parties, quite frankly, are the most stressful. Robert's was drama free, everyone obeyed, no issues going to sleep, and we even had to babysit a younger sibling of two of the attendees! The girls tend to be a bit bossy, dramatic, and overall emotional. But they still have fun. 

Here is a montag of our attempts at being crosseyed. The winner of course, is our Beatrice!! 

Here is one of Beaker's friends. Mr. Handsome and I have been teaching the 3-4 Sunday School class the last two weeks. It has been a lot of fun for Mr. Handsome! Poor Beaker doesn't know what to do with us in her class! Mr. Handsome asked each of the children if they had ever disobeyed their parents and her friends were glad to share their sin (weird, I know) but all Beaker did was stare at Mr. Handsome when he asked her!! Ha Ha Ha!!

Here is her other little friend. It was his birthday party she went to.

And Our Beaker!

This rather nondescript and confusing photo is important. For, below the mug you will see a coaster. It belongs to Mr. Handsome and our Maddie made it for him!! He was so delighted. And you can me in the frame behind his mug! I never knew he had a photo of me on his desk!! He is so sweet!! I married Prince Charming!!

Well, that's all the photos! We have had a busy month. Couple that with Mr. Handsome working very long hours and lots of activities going on, it has been crazy. I will make a better effort at writing weekly now. I am glad to be caught up, though.