Thursday, April 14, 2011

It's so thimble

My grandmas, Hansen and Jones, could sew. My Mom can sew. She was one of the top in the state of NJ in high school. I learned as an adult and I am still elarning. I am finally learning how to use a thumble. such a simple little accessory but not as easy to use as it appears. I finished a quilt ssquare for Maddie today. She calls it Miami the Unicorn because it's "supposed" to be the colors of the Miami Dolphins. I don't have the heart to tell her it's actually the colors of the Chargers (I think). It could be the Oilers but I am no football aficianado. Here is the before and after photos of it. It is hard to tell with a cell camera but the first photo is how the unicorn looks before the applique.
Here is the before. No applique.

Here it is finished, with applique!! I will have to start using my regular camera because you can't see all the detail on the finished square.

I used the thimble to embroider the unicorn's eye. I am thankful that my grandmas and my mom enjoyed sewing as much as they did. I really enjoy it too. I am enjoying finally getting on the stick and working on our childrens' quilt squares, too.

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