Thursday, February 24, 2011

Life in the trenches

We are having a great week so far. The first two days I was considering selling a few kids on ebay but figured the government and my dear husband would probably be a bit upset with me for doing such a crazy thing!! Things have smoothed out A LOT. I think with the weather being so confusing - cold one day, warm the next, cold for a half hour, warm the next half hour, wreaks havoc on our sensibilites and security!! The children have spent a lot of time outside this week and that has been great. They are all finally at the age where they can go out together. I can ask Maddie, Robert, and Lindsay to keep an eye on Beatrice and Kristine and I don't worry about them wandering off at the sight of something shiny while everyone's back is turned. And Maddie loves being the babysitter, too, so I can usually bribe her with a few bucks to watch them.

Nothing very terrific happened this week. We have gone to see Dorothy and got all the toys sorted and dropped off at the consignment shop. We got to see John, Rachel, and Erin three times this week and that was a treat!! We only get to see them once a week. And we saw Tom last night so that was a great blessing to us.

Tonight Robert and Taylor went to the community college on a field trip for Cub Scouts to learn about welding. Robert loved it. They had a great time. Here he is welding. He's the one with the little body and the HUGE mask.

Robert had a great time and came home very dirty. Tomorrow is going to be another great day. We have co-op and the Great Oz is coming to talk to the 9-11 year olds about what they want to be when they grow up. After that it's off to band and then art class. Looking forward to a great day. God has blessed us beyond measure!!

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  1. That is a cute picture

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