Thursday, February 3, 2011

Out of the hand of babes

I often wonder if anything I am teaching my children is sinking in. I particularly worry about hospitality and compassion. I want them to be willing to help people as the Lord leads them and I want them to see how God can use them to minister to other people and each other. But for the most part, 70% of that time is spent breaking up arguments amongst them, 10% is dealing with whining, and another 10% is them worrying about their "fair" share. I know there is still 10% left. Well, today they used their 10% in a 100% way.

Our neighbor and his mom are going through a rough time.It's hard for me to check on her without crying myself. And tonight we had her son for dinner because he loves "Bambi" stew. He sat down and was laughing and joking. Within seconds, he was broken. His heart is broken, he feels like no one loves him, no one cares and he just busted out, "We don't even know how we are going to pay off the house!!" It was hard for me to keep my compsure espcially with five pairs of eyes staring intently at the poor soul. I thank the Lord that he made a profession of faith several years ago.

He was getting ready to go home and the next thing I know, Maddie comes in and says, "Mommy!! This is for Mrs. Lori (Name changed out of respect for the family.)" And Maddie had a potholder she made. Then our Robert comes in and says, "Here, Mommy, here is a box of chocolate for Mrs. Lori, a Lego motorcycle for her son, $1.00 for their house, and a box of chocolates (with one chocolate missing). Oh, and can we send these brownies home, too?" So, I helped Lori's son take up all his things and walk over to their house. I was just going to slip in and set the stuff on the kitchen table and slip out but she jumped up and was so very surprised to see a handful of stuff. I could see as I started telling her what the children sent over, she was very touched by it all!!

I thank the Lord for my children. The Lord is definitely working in their lives. Could $1.00 save a house from being sold out from under Lori and her son? I trow not. But it can certainly bring a smile and touch her heart like nothing else has. And God can use that $1.00 to keep it from happening. I am praying that God will give us more opportunites to minister to Lori and her son. Her son has always held a special place in our hearts anyway and I count it all joy knowing that we can minister to her, too.

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  1. Amen! A blessing to read the COMPASSION the children showed. Sometimes, God gives them realistic illustrations to bring a point MOM was trying to teach, HOME. I think the reward of the smiles will help them..and knowing it truly is MORE blessed to give than receive.

    Thank you for the sweet comment on the baby shower cake!

    We'll be up again..for Nathan's b'day!!

    It's always nice to see your smiling face!

    God bless