Sunday, February 20, 2011

Humor keeps me going.

Our Beatrice is not your ordinary child. She is four going on comedy central. I never know what she's going to say or WHO she's going to say it too. She loves life, and lives it like no other person I've seen on earth. And she is getting to where she realizes all this, so it's hard to actually laugh AT her anymore. But today, she was hilarious. She came inside with her Fisher Price rollerskates on, which makes her six inches taller. She wanted us to put on her elbow and knee pads. As she was walking by the back of the couch, she yells, "HEY! (for she never just 'speaks' anything!), who moved the couch down lower?"!!! While it seems like your typical four year old thing, none of our other children even noticed they were taller or the perspective changed with skates on!!!

Maybe I need to put on a pair of skates every now and then to change my perspective. Problem is, I'd probably break something in the process.

We had a great night in AWANA tonight, although closing ceremonies was a bit funny, at my expense. Most people think that because our children are so well behaved, (Notice I did not SAY because I and my wonderful husband are such GREAT parents!!) things are as smooth as glass at home. This is far from the case. I have to keep up with badges, patches, jewels, dog bones, awards, and pins for five little children. I am an extremely unorganized person, especially with the awards, and it is really difficult for me to keep up. So our Lindsay and our Robert were to get awards tonight in Sparks. Our Sparks Director came and told me Robert said I lost his wings (this holds his jewels, which gets pinned on his vest - OH, yes, I have to keep up with a bunch of "official" AWANA clothing, too.) and I said, that I think HE lost them but I didn't know. Thinking I was out of the doghouse, when Lindsay gets called up for her award, she can't get it because, and she announces it to the whole room, "Mommy lost MY wings!!!" Since my friends all know me so well, they found this hilarious. I did too and was glad to give them a good laugh at my expxense. Thankfully, Maddie had her badge so she was able to finally get her dog bones. And Beatrice's gets stapled to her book in a quaint little ziploc bag.

I was informed by Lindsay tonight that she wasn't sure whether she liked my roasted chicken or turkey better than Little Ceaser's. I'm glad that I only have Little Ceaser's to compete with.

Again, I end with my favorite verse: Proverbs 17:22 - "A merry heart doeth good like a medicine: but a broken spirit drieth up the bones." I thank the Lord for the humor in my life. And boy, do I get lots of it with five terrific children. And, even though Taylor is an engineer, he is pretty funny too. In an engineery sort of way.

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