Sunday, February 13, 2011

A first time for everything

For the first time in my homemaking career, I made rice krispie treats. I know, it must be shocking to find out that I have never made them. I have a serious phobia of sticky. I am not sure what the technical term is but it is probably something like adhereophobia. When my children want to hold me or hug me after a lollipop, that is a BIG N-O. As in, you can not come near me until all the sticky is gone!! This is why I have never made rice krispie treats. They epitomize the sticky problem. The spoon gets sticky, the pot gets sticky, everything gets sticky!!! I did manage to get it in the pan and smooshed down flat with barely any sticky so I am very grateful for that.

If you ask my children how I feel about sticky, unless they let me cut up their pancake BEFORE they put syrup on it, I won't cut it up. That's how much I do not care for sticky. Anyway, back to the rice krispie treats:

My goal is to make the treats, cut them in the shape of hearts, or mold them (REALLY hoping that option #2 is unnecesary) and then cover them with buttercream fondant. Hopefully they will be done by Valentine's Day. Which, as it happens, is tomorrow. We will see. I have made candy every year for them except last year, and I was rather disappointed in myself. So, I really want to get back to that. I normally make my dear husband truffles but this year he is getting a rice krispie treat, too. I am not sure why because I really enjoy making the truffles for him but I decided he might like a rice kirspie treat too.

I love to make things for my family. I made a simple heart pillow for Kristinie the Great and she hugged that thing and carried it around all last evening. AND she slept with it!! She was so cute. I will be making one for Lindsay and Beatrice soon, and a square one for Robert. Our Maddie made her own. I thank the Lord that our children enjoy their "roles". None of the girls feels like homemaking skills are "not cool" and Robert definitely has "HEAD OF HOUSEHOLD" written all over him. He even forgets that I'M his MOM!!! My children are a huge blessing to me and I thank the Lord for them. Now, onto making sticky treats. :)

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