Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Straddling the Line

With one foot in tropical weather and the other in temeprate, our weather has been crazy confusing. Saturday 40s, Sunday 70s. I'm not complaining mind you!! I will take a day or two of 70 something weather over five months of 40 and below any day. On Sunday after church, we went to Ruby Tuesday's to celebrate our 12th anniversary. It seems like yesterday that I met Taylor. Well, it can't be becasue God blessed us with five children. Five WONDERFUL children and 12 blessed years.

The story surrounding how we met would take many pages and many hilarious incidences but needless to say, God really worked things out. Taylor is a great leader and has a great vision for our family. He is a hard worker and takes seriously his role as a husband and dad. Our children love and respect him and they enjoy the time they spend with him. So do I!!

We had a great week last week. Our favorite day is what I affectionately call "Fun Friday Frenzy". For nine weeks, we don't do our "regular" school day. We start our day at 6:30. Well, I start at 6:00. Thankfully, I am not like Dorothy (my mom). She would get up about a half hour before us to "wake up" with a cup of coffee and a couple of cigarettes. Most days, it didnt' work. My brother and I were crazy hyper and we probably drove her cuckoo. Our younger brother was pretty laid back so she didn't have to deal with him being a nut!! Anyway, I wake everyone but Kristinie the Great up at 6:30. We eat breakfast, pack our lunch, gather our things, be sure not to forget Pat-Pat, Mankie (My and blankie squished together), trumpet, art bags, any necessary accoutrements to make our day go smoother. It is finally 8:30 and we leave and head to our Homeschool Co-Op about 20 minutes away. It is a great morning seeing some of our friends and spending time with about 40 other homeschool families and lots of screaming yelling happy children. I teach a cardmaking class and the children take a wide range of classes from Lego Creations, to Creative writing, to Art classes, to biology lab for high schoolers. It is a lot of fun.

This past Friday was a lot of fun because the Great Oz (my Dad) came to talk to one of the classes, called "What I want to be when I grow up" about being an electrician. Only he misunderstood me (He needs hearing aids!!) and thought he was supposed to tell his "life story". So he told them about being a banker, an insurance agent, and finally, an electrician. He said they were more impressed with the banker!!! One boy asked him if he was ever tempted to steal the money!! He really enjoyed himself and we got a free lunch at Taco Bell out of it.

Anyway back to Fun Friday Frenzy!! At 12:30 we finish co-op. We have one hour and fifteen minutes to go eat, then come back and Maddie has band class. She is playing the trumpet. She loves, loves, loves it. Much to my dismay. I never imagined one of our children playing THE TRUMPET of all things!!! She tried the flute and the band director recommended she switch instruments when it was evident she did not "get it". So at 1:45 band begins. It is over around 2:45. Usually at this point, we go shopping at Walmart. At 4:15 we head over to art class at another venue. This class is for Maddie and Robert. They love this class, too. The art teacher is really nice. I was bit concerned that the teacher would be some kind of eccentric, as most of my art teachers were. Well, my middle school art teacher wasn't eccentric. She was downright weird!!! But very nice. My elementary art teacher was eccentric. So the little girls get to play with their friends while Maddie and Robet are in art class. At 5:15 during the height of afternoon traffic, we finally head home. Being the chicken that I am, I wont' make a lefthand turn into oncoming traffic, so our trip is lengthened by my penchant for right turns. Eventually we are on our way. No WAIT!! The phone rings at precisely 5:30. I recognize the ringtone. It is Taylor. Where are we? Am I supposed to be somewhere? He forgets EVERY Friday that we are going to be late. He has been spoiled for 12 years with us being home every single day when he gets home!!!

Our weekend was a nice relaxing one. Maddie, Lindsay, and I all went to the eye doctor and we all need glasses. I tell people we are wearing our shoes on our face because we all picked skechers brand glasses.

Looking forward to a great week and seeing what the Lord has in store.

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