Saturday, February 19, 2011

Velcro is my new nickname

While our four oldest children had the outing of a lifetime - rollerskating with all their friends at a rink in Snead's Ferry (I didn't even know Snead's Ferry had such a thing!!) our youngest, Kristinie the Great, AKA Beaker, got to spend the entire afternoon and early evening with Taylor (my dear husband) and me. The two hours she slept were very quiet. I worked in the garden, planted some garlic, watered the chives and onions, etc. Taylor transplanted some grass in a bald spot on the yard. But after Beaker woke up, she has not left my side except when Taylor wooed her away with an orange!! Not kididng. He had to wave the orange at her to get her to get unstuck from my side. Now she is quietly playing with a Nintendo DSi and in a minute or less, will realize that I am not stuck to her. She'll fix it. Nothing to worry about. She even found a stylus to use!! I have no idea where she got it except that she may have reached in the couch and pulled it out. One day we may reach in a pull out a child. Who knows?!!

I had a terrific afternoon withi Beaker, though. Yup, here she is, sitting right next to me. I thank the Lord for the older ones getting to go off and have some great fun. Our Beatrice was so excited I am sure she probably broke some windows with her high, Ella Fitzgerald voice. And they got to ride the bus which Beatrice has been dying to do for some time now. God has really blessed us with terrific children.

I am posting a picture of Beaker playing with my high priced sunglasses. I know you are wondering what in the world I would be doing giving her such expensive glasses. Well, they were from Dollar Tree!! Ha ha ha -
Here it is:

She's a silly thing!!


  1. She is adorable. I love this site. Thank you Jackie

    Can I write my name? It is me

    love you

  2. Yes, you can!! Ha ha - You can click on the button "follow" and you should get e-mail updates, too!! I love you.

  3. love it! We need to go to that dollar store that Mrs. Rusk was talkin bout.