Thursday, March 3, 2011

Somewhere in the blogsphere

Well, I am disappointed to say that the last several posts I've tried to post from my phone have, for some reason, not made it to my blog. I am not sure what I am doing but it's rather inconvenient to have to sit down at my computer and type this. Plus, they could be on someone's blog who doesn't even speak English. I can't even imagine how they must be feeling having someone else's posts showing up on their blog!! I don't have a smartphone so that could be my problem. I'm not sure what my phone is, but it must be a dumbphone since I can't update my blog on the go. So I guess I will have to do things manually. Below are phots I've taken over the last few days.
Here are some of the children from our homeschool group. Maddie is in the back in the red shirt.
Here is Maddie with her brand new glasses. We all have the same brand and we are wearing our feet on our face!! They are skechers brand glasses.

This is at Champions Assisted Living near us. We went because our preacher preaches there once a week there and he wanted to celebrate his birthday with the residents. So he invited our church to come too. So we went and our friend Jerry, who leads the music, asked the children to help him lead the people in singing "Jesus Loves the Little Children". Robert also recited some Bible verses. We had a great time!!!  In order from left to right: Lindsay, Beatrice, Kristine, Maddie, and Robert.

Here is Michele checking to see which cake has whipped topping and which cake is buttercream for our preachers' birthday party after church Wednesday night. She's working really hard, too!!!

Stacie will use any excuse to eat the chocolate cake: "It was what was left on the knife!!" Yeah, right!!

Well, tomororw is Fun Friday Frenzy so we will be off to "the races". It's always a fun day and I am going to try making porkchops in the crockpot tomororw.

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