Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Having five children, one would think that I can preapre for any upcoming developmental milestone, glitch, change, etc. I thought so, too. Until I realized my first four children never went through teething issues, never had potty training issues, never had temper issues, never went through the terrible twos or thundrous threes. Well, surprise surprise, as Gomer Pyle would say!! Kristinie the Great has had all but the thundrous threes, and she hasn't reached them yet!! It's never a dull moment around here anymore. And tonight was no exception. I put Kristinie the Great to bed in the usual manner, our conversation going like this:

Mommy: Are you ready to go night night?'
KtheG: NO!
Mommy: It's night night time
KtheG: (realizing No won't work): ah Pat Pat?
Mommy: I have Pat Pat. (The stuffed dog from Germany in Epcot Center who is well loved!!!)
KtheG: Ah mankie? (That's blankie to you novices!)
Mommy: Yes, I have mankie!!!
KtheG: Ah Erry ah Enda? (That's Mr. Jerry and Mrs. Glenda, the married giraffes - named after dear friends of ours we go to church with.)
Mommy: Yeeeeeessssss, I have Mr. Jerry and Mrs. Glenda.
KtheG: Ah Mitey? (That's Mickey as in Mouse.)
Mommy: right here!!
KtheG: Ah Minnie (as in Mouse)
Mommy: Check. Now go to sleep.
Kthe G: Why? (YES!! She says WHY? WHY? I don't know, THIRD BASE!! [come to think of it, maybe I will teach her that routine!!]
Mommy: It's bed time. (Here comes the curve ball)
KtheG: Ah ooos? (Thats shoes)
Mommy: No, no shoes to bed. You'll get them stuck in your covers and get twisted up in them. (Why do I always insist on a treatise to explain my reasoning. A simple no should suffice. Those years of education are truly paying off now!!!)
Mommy: No shoes, good night, I love you. (I close the door and turn off the light.)

I assume everything is fine until it's time for Robert to go to bed and as I am walking him to his room, I notice Kristinie the Great's light is on. Hmmm, did I forget to turn it off? Because I have done that before. I open the door, and no Kristinie the Great in her bed!!! Where is she? And then I notice the closet light on. I call her and she comes out with, you guessed it, her shoes and says, "Ah ooos?!!" So I tell her no and she gets mad. And I put her back to bed but the determined little child decides it might not be a good idea to turn the bedroom light on so she just turns the closet light on and goes at it AGAIN!!! She thinks I can't hear though!! So I go back in, same scenario, put her to bed, hopefully for the last time, with no shoes on her feet!!

I thank the Lord for the crazy moments. God uses them to remind me that He has blessed me with a terrific family. I feel like Jonah sometimes when I get all down in the mouth that things aren't going perfect, but God has given me a second chance. I could be living a very different life but by His grace, He has given me a new life and I am so thankful for it!! As imperfect and impulsive as I am, He has blessed me beyond measure!!!

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