Saturday, January 22, 2011

Technology stumps me

I used to be a bit of a techno geek but since God's blessed me with a wonderful husband and five wonderful children, I have no clue how to do those techie things!! That said, I have a great picture of Kristinie the Great on my camera and can not get it onto my computer via bluetooth, though the manual assures me that the steps I took would do it. And the help section online from MS windows ALSO assures me that I have done verything correclty. The computer sees my phone - my phone sees the computer. But they are not communicating. Maybe my computer is mad that I spend so much time with my phone; or my phone is mad that the computer is mad; maybe they are both just mad at me. At any rate, it is obviously an  OE (Operator Error). So when I can figure out how to get those photos off, I will post them.

I know the problem, though: Bot the phone and the computer are not team players. While there is no "I" in team, there is a me!! But they don't get it.

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