Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Peer Pressur

From one of my friends' blogs, my only follower, (Thanks, Erica!!) I can see it's been a number of months since I've posted on here. I feel peer pressure to begin again as so many of my friends seem to keep up with the memories of their lives this way!! I, on the other hand, have too many memories to remember, but thank the Lord He has given me five precious children and a wonderful husband to care for me.

Peer pressure is an interesting thing, isn't it? My husband and I have made a commitment to the Lord that he, my husband, will run our home in accordance with Gods' standards and I will follow. I can't say I am the best follower but he, my husband, is a great leader. He really takes care of us the way God wants us taken care of. I thank the Lord for that!!!! Well, what happens when you meet someone who does not agree with that hierarchy? God, husband, wife, children? What if they think that the wife should be in charge? Whether it's the child, the wife, OR the husband? Well, the voice of experience, says, there's going to be trouble. When I choose to obey my husband, which always leads to security and safety, someone is not going to be happy!! And so it is. Someone is unhappy that I have obeyed my husband. Well, I hope they get over it because I am going to keep obeying my husband. Of course, when I told my husband, he said, "OK, I got it. Not a problem." Thank the Lord for my husband!! :)

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  1. YAY!Ur Back! It's funny that peer pressure doesn't stop one you leave childhood. It's a ugly reality of life (now that I have peer pressured you into writing again...haha)