Saturday, January 22, 2011

A Long Week!!

I am thankful for Saturday!!! God has blessed us with good health for the past year. Unfortunately last week, we were afflicted. Well, 3/7 of us were afflicted, to be exact!! Kristinie the Great, Beatrice, and Lindsay all had the flu. Thankfully, it was a pretty mild case and now all that's left is the coughing. I am praying they heal quickly with no pneumonia or bronchitis.

We also started doing lapbooks last week which was a lot of fun. We are going to learn about the missionaries our church supports. Our first missionary we learned about was Paul Hitz and his family. They are missionaries to Baffin Island, Nunavut, Canada, near the North Pole. And No, they don't know Santa Claus. The children have really enjoyed it and this week I will try to remember to post pictures of them working on their next missionary. We want them to see what missionaries do and the environment they live in. Who knows? God may call them to be missionaries someday and it would be great for them to be prepared!!

On another note, sometimes people don't disappoint in their ability to continue in their destructive behaviour. Though I am a cynic at heart, I really try to give people the benefit of the doubt but last week I saw firsthand that some people don't realize they are the  problem and all they care about is themselves. As long as I am trying to be a part of the solution, that's all that matters, though!!! That said, I have been a part of the problem at times!! :) I thank the Lord for a gracious God who promises in Hebrews 12 to discipline me when I need it and sometimes I need A LOT of it!!

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  1. I feel ya! We have been so wore out taking care of BamBam. it was his first real fever so I was almost out my mind with worry!hey you should read my post about MEAT!