Sunday, July 10, 2011

The years are slip slidin' away!!

 Kristine needs a serious fashion citation.
Below are photos from our trip to NMB -North Myrtle Beach. Some will have captions by way of identification.

 I am rarely in photos because I'm the person behind the camera!! :)

 My terrific niece!! We love when we get to visit with her and her brother. And this time we got to visit with one of their cousins as well.

 Here is my sister-in-law being brave with Robert and our nephew!!! VERY brave!!
 Beatrice had way too much fun I believe. She has "grown" out of naps, though. At five, naps go by the wayside but she generally falls asleep by 3:30 in the afternoon on the couch still.
 Here is the NMB Birthday celebration for our Maddie and Beatrice. My niece's cousin decorated the cake with my niece's help. They did a terrific job!

 Robert, catchin' a wave!!! He's on a shortboard here. Don't ask me the difference, but Mr. Handsome has a longboard and it is a bit more difficult for Robert to maneuver on his own. He can do this one solo, though.
 Mr. Handsome and our Lindsay

 Here is the Lily Tomlin chair. My sil told me her character that sits in the big chair but I can't remember her name. We don't know where it came from, who brought it, or HOW in the world they got it through the doors!!! But it's there. And it's BIG!

 Sometimes teachers need disguises in case a student or two sees them. This is my sister-in-law's disguise. I may borrow it one day and see if my children recognize me in the morning. 
 Here is our Bea with one of my other nieces. She is the youngest in the family - on my side. She and Beaker are 3 months apart.
 Maddie made her own birthday cake. Here we are celebrating her birthday on the Fourth of July at Dorothy and the Great Oz's house. She made a mocha cake with coffee frosting. It was delicious.

 We were supposed to go to Jungle Rapids and my other, oldest niece on Friday but we got rained out. So, Oz and Dorothy took us to McDonald's instead. 
This is what it's like when you try to order for five kids who are hovering around you waiting for their food. The Great Oz is the taller guy on the right with the white hair. I let him take care of this order on his own and he did pretty good. He wasn't even grumpy when he got back to the table!!! 

Yesterday was Maddie's official birthday. The children get to pick their favorite meal - even Mr. Handsome does too - and their cake. I will make one, or they can get one at SAM's. Maddie settled on a peach pie. And Lindsay surprised her by making a blueberry cobbler. Her meal was less than thrilling but since she got to pick it, that was what counted. She had Kraft mac-n-cheese with canned tuna mixed in. We had peas for a side dish. The peas were great. Those photos will be posted shortly. Maddie turned 11 yesterday. She is my right hand girl, the go to gal for anything, she is the dearest young lady you could ever know. She is such a blessing to us. She will help without being asked and she is glad to take care of tasks the little kids can't do. I love her dearly and thank the Lord He has given her to us. While I am a bit melancholy about her getting "older" it is such a blessing to see her grow into such a sweet young lady. She is very excited about the day she can babysit and I can go out!! She will do great. She and one of her good friends babysit about once a week for me during the summer for practice and they do great!!

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