Sunday, July 3, 2011

Talk about under the wire!!!

I almost forgot about posting tonight!! Well, I have an excuse. We went to see the fireworks after church tonight with Dorothy and the Great Oz and my brother, his stepson and wife and son, and some friends of Dorothy and the Great Oz. That has to be the worst run-on sentence ever - but it gets the point across. We arrived home rather late. We had a terrific week last week and once I get my photos off my camera and on our computer, I will post more photos. We started our week rather slowly, which was really nice!! We did go to Jungle Rapids again and that was lots of fun. Our big fun for the week was going to North Myrtle Beach on Wednesday to visit Taylors' family. Our niece and nephew were there so the children got to spend some great time with them for four days. We left on Wednesday evening, after church, and came back yesterday (Saturday) afternoon.

 Here is Beaker all ready to go to Jungle Rapids. We took this picture because she is 2.5 years old (or 30 months) and wearing an outfit for an eighteen month old!! It's her baby rash guard that she absolutely hated last year but now she won't go in the water without it. Go figure.
 Here is another new baby!!! She is the cutest little baby!! :)
 Maddie holding the cutest little baby.
 Keeping with my commitment to sew a little bit everyday, I whipped this skirt out on Wednesday afternoon while Beaker slept and the older children watched Garfield. The photo below is the finished product. It was fun to make and made up for not being able to sew for two days.
 I can now say that I will probably be the only person in the room wearing slipcovers!!
 One of two photos from our trip to North Myrtle Beach. I took them on my phone. Beatrice was so tired after a long day swimming. We're no slouches at the beach. We start at nine in the morning, and while I am done by lunch, the rest of my gang will swim until the late afternoon.
 Mr. Handsome and I got to go out to dinner on Friday night while his parents and his brother and wife watched the childrenAs you can see, we went to a German restaurant and sat right next to the accordian guy. He played some songs I remember hearing as a VERY small child. I can't say if I remember my grandpa playing them because I was so young, but he played the accordian and I am pretty sure he did play these. I think accordian guys have some sort of secret repertoire of music and it's all the same!! Some of the songs I know we danced to at Sons of Norway parties and I remember them. They were lots of fun. He brought back lots of fun memories. Dancing at the Sons of Norway parties is nothing like it is today - or even when I was a teenager. There are actually steps and you have to follow them and they make sense. We never got it even though Grandma tried hard to teach us. I think we probably exasperated her quite a bit because we didn't take it seriously. I wish I had now - I loved watching her and her friends dance around the room.
 Here is my current project - well besides Bea's quilt but I need to take her to find more fabric. I am making a coaster set for my mother-in-law for Christmas. I love coasters and thought these were really cute. I did cheat though - I was supposed to slip stitch the opening closed but I don't know how to do that so I just "quilted' it closed. Hand sewing and I are not good friends.
 Here is the little basket they go in when they are done.
And here are two coasters in the coaster basket. Six more coasters to go!!

I will get to the camera photos tomorrow. I hope I have some good ones. I enjoy taking photos but I am not very good at photographing. 

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