Monday, July 25, 2011

No time for crafting today!

The Gang left happily and quickly today for Camp Grandma/Grandpa. I didn't let any grass grow under my feet either. I cleaned out Beatrice and Lindsay's room, top to bottom!! It doesn't even look the same. You can actually see their beds! Our children love blankets but I put most of them in the closet since it's been a bit warm lately. After their room, I headed upstairs to clean Maddie's. Hers was not too bad. She did most of the difficult work, but I did empty out her craft cabinet. YIKES!! So that's where she's been putting her stuff she doesn't feel like sorting through. It is nearly empty now. Tomorrow I am going to be emptying out a bookshelf and Mr. Handsome will move it upstairs for me so I can load it with Maddie's books. She loves books. Really loves them. Like Beaker likes Mankie and Pat Pat, and Beatrice loves Coiner. Maddie walked out of the house straight to Grandma's van with an armload of books because I think she was really going to miss them. Keep in mind, she also has a nook, thanks to Dorothy and the Great Oz, which has about twenty books on it! I miss my children but I am thrilled they are going to have fun. They will also get to see their cousins, whom they adore!! Beaker talks about Awya  (Sawyer) all the time!!

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