Sunday, September 4, 2011

It was a bouncy kind of week!! :)

We started our week out right - at church, of course!! It was our first night of AWANA and being an example of the no cell phones rule, I have NO photos!! :( I forgot my camera. We had a great time and I was reminded was a tremendous blessing AWANA is to our me and my family. The children were all very excited about starting in their new clubs. Kristine is a Cubbie, and lets everyone in ear shot know, "I Tubbie!! I TUBBBIE!!" Beatrice is a Sparky. She was so excited, even though she already knew John 3:16, she studied it everyday. Robert moved up to T&T and earned his shirt AND his book this week. He is going to need a larger size. He is using Maddie's old shirt. Lindsay is in her last year of Sparks and she will, if she can, finish her book by October. Maddie is in Trek with me. This is the middle school group. It is loads of fun, but always overwhelming for the new sixth graders.

On Monday, we finished school and headed to my friends' fabric shop (she doesn't own it but has worked there for years). Sadly, it was closed, so we went to Monkey Joe's instead. I am not a paranoid or overprotective Mom but I really don't like places like this. They are GERM magnets!! But their air conditioner was broken, and we got a reduced rate. It would have cost me $40.00 for all five of the children but it only cost me $20.00. They had a ball and it was worth it! Here is the fuzz proof!

In hindsight, this is probably how our Beatrice got so sick over the weekend!!

If you look closely at the upper left hand side of the phoot, you can see Robert poking his head out exhorting Kristine to keep going! She made it to the top.

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 You may not be able to tell from the photo, but these are flamingo lights!! In my kitchen!! They will match perfectly with the decor: bright floral curtains and zebra print seats. Not kidding.  Can't wait till I finish everything so I can post photos! I live on the edge. Dorothy bought me the lights.
 Here they are at night!! :)
This is one of my favorite photos. Beatrice told me she would help Kristinie the Great get dressed. Didn't she do great?

 Here is as much of Maddie's quilt I can fit in a photo. I am slowly but surely getting it done!! I have seriously been dragging my feet.
And here is Maddie's creativity in full display. She used my cricut, all by herself, and cut the letters out to decorate her room. And just in case she fogets her name!! Hee hee...

Video game junky and only 2 years old.

 We had a fun time at the park with one of my homeschooling friends. Lindsay loved sitting up there. I think she could see all sorts of things from this vantage point.
 Maddie and one of her good friends.
Our photogenic child. Notice the "summer shoes"! HA!

This is my nephew John, who rarely eats anything! I can attest to this because he goes out a lot with us for lunch. He spent the night with us Friday evening and we took him to IHOP, my personal favorite. He had a ball and ate great. He was inducted into the Clean Plate Club! Beatrice stayed at his house with his sister and my brother and his wife. She had a great time but came home sick, poor soul. Not from their house, she probably caught something at Monkey Joe's. See why i don't like going there?

 The girls are like me. They don't like people dressed up in characters. They have gotten better at Walt Disney World but they ran from Elmo!! Poor Elmo!!  Robert gave him a hug!

 One of the priorities in our family is: Can you cross your eyes? Beatrice is an expert at it. As you can see, the others, not so much!

I even tried to help Robert!!

There you go! Our fun week. We are praying that Beatrice will get well soon and she will be back to her bouncy self. And I am also praying no one  else will get sick.

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