Sunday, September 11, 2011

I am the sum of my parts

This has been some week. So, since we have seen triumph, tragedy, remembered heroes, fallen and living, here is a joke. (It is my favorite joke - and just so you know, no one at the nursing home got it. I could hear crickets!!! I couldn't believe it. They liked Beatrice's Why did the chicken cross the road? riddle better than my favorite joke.) Here it is:

A man went to his doctor and told him he wasn't feeling well. The doctor asked him what was wrong and he said, "Well, sometimes I feel like a teepee, and sometimes I feel like a wigwam." The doctor thought for a moment and replied, "I know what your problem is!! You're too tense!!"

My church has heard it twice and they think it's very funny. I started out my week sick. Yes, I was sicker than a dog sick. Taylor wasted his vacation day on Monday taking care of everyone. Beatrice was sick on Saturday and Sunday. Mr. Handsome was so sweet. He let me go to church in the morning and the evening. Well, I actually had to teach Sunday School that morning and it was easier for me to go than for him to find a sub. He's kind of picky about who he lets teach Sunday School. Glad he lets me do it when the need arises. Guess I'm a keeper. I was kind of tired but thought it was because I was just tired.

I went to AWANA and had a great time. Upon arriving home, everyone informed me they were hungry. OH WAIT!! I know, I know. My family has to eat after church on Sunday nights because we start AWANA at 5:30. They really look forward to it. And I am such a mean Mom. They still have to get up at 6:30 the next day. Only this next day they had the day off. This really messed up my schedule because we are now "off" a day. Instead of each week ending in 5 and 0, it ends in another set of numbers. I can't remember which ones so you'll have to figure that  out. I didn't wake up Monday. I slept most of the day, which leads me to Tuesday.

YES, I got everyone up at 6:30, and Mr. Handsome admonished everyone to do what they were supposed to and let Mommy rest. Well, they did great except for what I like to call, "Indescretion No. 4.3". I was sleeping during their break time and I knew they were having fun and playing well together so I didn't even care. And Robert even crawled into my room to wake me up and tell me he "hurt" his foot. I looked at it, vaguely remember asking him what he did, told him he sprained it, and went back to sleep. It wasn't till later in the afternoon, after school was over, and I was feeling like making dinner that I realized what had happened. He was sliding down the stairs. Mr. Handsome would never have survived in my house growing up. That was one of our many safety hazard pasttimes. I got a battle scar on my nose a mile long sliding down the stairs on a cardboard box. Like swinging on the top of tall trees like a monkey, rock fights, swinging on vines that were probably about ready to snap, jumping off roofs into pools, etc. He has very strict safety rules in place and I really, really, really try to follow them. I don't let the children run with pencils or scissors. And I am not allowed to let them slide down the stairs. Of course, while I rested, someone got hurt! Mr. Handsome arrived home and I told Robert to tell him what happened. When he did, it was obvious that Mr. Handsome was not happy. He sent Robert to the bedroom. After he left, I started eating, and felt four eyes staring at me. I looked up and Beatrice and Lindsay were staring at me. So I asked them if they were also sliding down the stairs. And they both looked at each other, and yelled, "Kristine was doing it too!!" (Well, that's exactly what I would have done!) So all three were sent to the bedroom to get a good "talking to". Maddie was trying to get them to stop.

Anyway, Wednesday rolled around quietly. We went to the nursing home, where my career as a comedienne was dashed to pieces. But here is Beatrice keeping Robert company while I went and got the van for him. I made him hop through the parking lot on his foot when we got there and he asked if I could come get him when we were done.  Uff dah is all I have to say!!

The girls really played it up; doting on him ALL day Wednesday. They finally got tired of it by Thursday.

I was determined by Friday to finish Maddie's quilt. It has been vexing me for too long!! So from Wednesday on it was quilt quilt quilt during my free moments. And here is the end result. I finished it in time for her to take it to bed on Friday night. She was overjoyed. Which brings me to the date night Mr. Handsome and I went on Friday night. Our dear friends came to watch the children and they always send me some sort of crazy photo. I think it's because they're like me. I don't have sisters so they're my Sister-Friends.

 The front
 The back

This is my sewing room, rearranged for quilting. The floor, in theory, should be completely clear. But the children took over the open part. God blessed us with a 2500 sq. ft. home and we were all crammed in here at one time!!

The Sister-Friend (the other one was on the other side of her phone taking this shot! What I want to know is: Who is babysitting whom?)

I needed to finish Maddie's quilt to work on our Lindsay's party favors for her party. I am a party pooper Mom. I love the idea of parties but I am not good at planning them. With that in mind, the children are allowed one big sleepover party when they turn 7. Lindsay is turning seven. And I am tired of junk for party favors. So, for less than $3.00 a kid, I am appliqueing hand towels and giving them those with a toothbrush. Her theme is Hello Kitty. Here is the beginning of the towel.
Whiskers need to be added and eyes and nose will be hand sewn. I sure wish I let my grandmas teach me hand sewing. I can barely make three even stitches in a row. OH - and did I mention Mr. Handsome took to my presser foot with his hacksaw and made it so that I could satin stitch? He's the best.

We also started working on the pinata. All the girls and Robert were overjoyed with the prospect of making a pinata until..... they realized they were going to be covered in flour and water goo. So of course, being the reasonable Mom that I am, I told them if they didn't want to help then there would be no pinata. Nice, huh?!! So they reluctantly helped. And here is that escapade:

 This picture didn't turn like the others do but here is Beaker being a techno-geek!! I will probably get fussed at because I am letting my two year old play video games. Hey, if it keeps her happy for 10 minutes and I can sit quietly for that long, I'm good. Just for the record, she's not even playing a video game. She is setting the video game system to Russian!! It's true - at least once a week, I have to reset all video game systems in our house back to English because Rocket Scientist Girl plays with them!
And here is our favorite baby, Little A, eating and sleeping!! Isn't he cute??

My title for this entry is "I am the sum of my parts". I knew at the beginning of the week that would be my title. I have said before I'm not very sentimental but I do love my memories of my family and the great times we had. My parts are: my family, my church, my saxophone, and my friends. Wondering why my saxophone? It is a part of me. It is a part that makes up the sum. I have played my saxophone longer than I have been a Christian, longer than I have been a Mom, longer than I have lived in one place, ALMOST longer than my little brother has been around, longer than the longest long it seems like. I started when I was 10. WOW! The rest is history but my saxophone is one part that makes me me. My salvation: it is a big part of my sum. I thank the Lord for it for it has molded me into the person I am today and I know exactly where I am going when I die. My family is a big part of my sum. My family is more than just the people who live under my roof with me. My family is my dad, mom, inlaws, cousins, aunts, uncles, brothers, etc. I wish my family was closer in proximity because they are really a fun group of people! This is where my church comes in: it is a part of my sum. My church family can never ever replace my family, but they are a really fun group of people too, and they have great sense of humor (as can be seen from my Sister-Friend above!). I don't go to church because I have to, I go because I want to. I went as a kid and I remember my grandma going with me. She loved our pastor because he was Norwegian like us. And he just loved her. My grandma is who pointed me to the Lord. She read her Bible every single night. She would give me her old devotions and I would read them even though they were out of date! Well, I wouldn't read them, I would DEVOUR them! I remember spending nights with her and she would cover the far side of her night stand lamp, thinking it would darken the room enough that I could sleep. I could never tell her the towel never helped, but I didn't mind staying awake because I knew she was reading her Bible. My other grandma was the same way. She studied her Bible everyday. Sometimes when I went to visit her in her apartment, she would have her Bible, a notebook, and her Halley's Bible Handbook out. My dad even said when she lived with them, he would have to go upstairs when she would fall out of her big chair thinking she could walk, that he always found her Bible under her! My Dad wasn't too happy about that. He thinks that anyone who believes in the Lord is a weak person. Poor Dad - he doesn't know what he's missing. But he can certainly see a difference in our lives because of Him! I hope our children will see us reading our Bible and see how important God is to us. He is the sum of everything. And I thank the Lord for my grandmas who introduced me to Him!

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