Wednesday, August 3, 2011

What a day!

I just wanted to show off our chore card organizer I made today. We are starting school Monday and I desperately needed to figure out a way to store our chore cards without them being scattered all over the house. So here it is:
This is two fat quarters and three 4" strips of green fabric. The green fabric was my Grandma Jones' fabric so I am excited to use it on this. One fat quarter is the background - I had to add the strips because we have five children. If you have four or less you only need the fat quarter. The second fat quarter was used for the pockets. I accidentally chose stripes but they worked to my advantage for measuring purposes. The only time I needed a ruler was dividing the large pocket into three small pockets. After I made it, I realized I didn't monogram each row - but they each have different color cards. If you are interested in the chore pack system, go to:  Putting webpages in my blog are new to me so I don't think this looks right. But this is a great system and easy to use. It takes a little time the first time you do it but it's well worth the effort.
I realized that I did not have any EXTRA pockets!!! So I sewed a secret pocket on the back to keep extra cards in. And hopefully keep Beaker out of them!!

Here is one of the pouches I made to keep the cards in while the children do their chores. We have tried various methods to no avail. They all failed - miserably. The biggest problem was that they would take them off pretty easily without thinking and then forget about them. This is wrapped around their shoulder and waist. 
My brainstorm arrived at a time where I realized I was running out to the store to buy something for every little thing I needed to get done. I was being manipulated by marketing!!! So, after pondering my other options - wood (for which I would have to buy hooks, nails, screw, sandpaper, paint, etc. to make and decorate. Plus, I would have to use electronic power equipment, which I am not sure would be considered safe in my hands), paper (would tear too easily and get trashed rather quickly by exuberant children) and plastic (PLASTIC???? WHAT?? How in the world would THAT work?). So then I remembered that I had lots of fabric, it's sturdy, it's difficult to tear up, it will last and I thought I could do it without buying a thing. AND I did!!! 

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