Sunday, August 21, 2011

Smooth Operator Strikes Again!

Getting back on my Sunday evening posts, here I am three days after my last post! I didn't think I'd have much to write about but we had a rather busy three days. Friday was a fun day - Maddie went to the nursing home with the youth group while we went swimming with my sister-in-law and her children. Here is the proof:

There was hardly anyone at the pool Friday and Lindsay and Robert had a ball making rafts. After the pool, we picked up Maddie from church and headed home. Mr. Handsome and I were going out on a date. We have dear friends who have VOLUNTEERED to babysit our children so we can go out together occasionally. We have had many people "volunteer" to watch our children and we have taken them up on it but it's not for the faint of heart. Oh, it's not because our children are naughty or anything like that, it's a lot of work taking care of five children!! And if they sense you are insecure, they are children. You know, if they see you blink, you're history? Yes, well, that's how they are!! Well, these friends not only know how to handle them, but our children LOVE LOVE LOVE them!!! If one friend volunteers, they immediately ask if the other is going to come too; and vice versa!!! Isn't that sweet? How many children look forward to being babysat? AND when we come home everyone is bathed (if needed), fed, and the kitchen AND living room are clean and everyone's quiet!!! I thank the Lord for them. Mr. Handsome and I had a great time at our favorite place to eat: Bento Box. And I even had sushi - novice sushi - nothing uncooked and no eel or octopus or slimy stuff!!

Here is what our children look like after my friends who babysit feed them!! WHAT are they feeding them?????

On Saturday, Mr. Handsome did his new Saturday morning thing: surfing. I am so thankful he does it because he really loves it. This day was not to be like the other days, though. As I was sound asleep he came in and woke me up - nearly scared me to death! - to tell me he had to go to the doctor's. He was hit in the head by his own surfboard. He uses a longboard. It is very heavy and approximately seven feet long. He fell forward and it slammed into the side of his head. He had to get 11 stitiches and had a concussion (I only found out that he actually had a concussion when he was talking to our Preacher on the phone. He called to see how he was feeling.). I thank the Lord he was OK because as he was walking up the beach to his truck, two people were dragging another guy out whom Mr. Handsome thought had broken his neck and had knocked his teeth out. I am praying that that fellow is OK.

So, after that, Mr. Handsome spent the day in bed. He was pretty out of it really. Not in an alarming call 911 sense but just not feeling great. So he rested while we went to FAMILY FUN DAY! at church. We had a really fun time. There was great food and I got to sit around and talk with my friends while our children played with their friends. And they got to use an air shot gun or something like that. I don't know anything about guns but it looked pretty serious. It only shot a metal ball, I guess a BB, so it wasn't too dangerous. Here is everyone playing around with guns:
 Lindsay and her target
 She is NOT one of my children but IS one of my children!! Ha ha ha... She looks happy getting her picture taken doesn't she!! :) She is Maddie's cooking buddy, babysitting mentor, all around pal when she's around!! :)
Beatrice was so cute I had to take a second picture. Look at how she's trying to look through the site!! Or is that sight, or cite? Hmmm.... I think I need my merriam-webster!! :)

And here is our last picture: I do not like to get dirty. Don't act so surprised!!! So my friend decided to have compassion on Beaker and hold her because she was covered with sand from the sand pile!

Today was spent in the usual fashion: church in the morning. Well, except on this particular morning Mr. Handsome was not there to start Sunday School and our pastor was running late because he was having water problems or something. So our music director took over and got everyone where they needed to go and get everything done. I thank the Lord for him and his wife. I will get a picture up of them. They are so sweet and they love, love, love our children. When we go to the nursing home he leads the music there. Anyway, it was a bit of a crazy morning. God got us through it. I taught a friend's Sunday School class and it was great. We learned about Blind Bartimaeus. He wasn't afraid to tell people what the Lord did for him!!! WOW!! If I could be so bold!! God has done so much for us! Hey, He kept Mr. Handsome from ending up in the hospital with no teeth!! 

We went to Smithfield's after church which was lots of fun. We saw a family from church there so we sat near them. They area always amazed at what a great testimony our children are so they were glad for us to sit by them. We sat the children at one table and we sat at another so we had sort of a date I guess!!! Ha! After lunch, we came home, I made another Sunday Afternoon Skirt, then headed back to church. We are getting geared up for AWANA to start next week so I had my meeting with my leaders to get everything ready for our first night. We thought we were all ready but the catalog was wrong and we got the wrong books!! BOO!! Our AWANA order person is going to fix it. I was pretty wigged out. I am not used to orders getting messed up!!! Thankfully it was not O.E. (operator error) this time. Looking forward to a great week this week. 

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