Thursday, August 18, 2011

Time flies...........

To finish that phrase, When you're having fun!!! The last two weeks have been rahther crazy!! Not that I am complaining because we have had a great deal of fun. I thank the Lord that I have a schedule now. I feel more like myself than I ever have since school ended last spring!! The children had a great summer and with homeschooling, summer continues all year really. We started school last week and while the children have been more resistant to their schedule, they have worked very hard on their schoolwork and their chores. We have also incorporated music lessons this year!! WHAT!! A music teacher teaching their OWN children music???? That's insane, you're probably thinking!! Well, maybe but I have really prayed about this and I know it would be easier for me to pay someone to teach them but, quite frankly, I do not know a better music teacher than myself! So there! I said it: I can teach my children better than someone else who charges $25.00 a HALF hour and in some cases doesn't even have a music degree!!!!! And so after much prayer and deliberation over how to accomplish this feat without losing my mind, Maddie, Robert, and Lindsay have all chosen instruments. Maddie chose the trumpet (oh joy!), Robert chose the recorder, and Lindsay chose the piano. They practice their music right after breakfast. And so far, God has really blessed us even though it's only been two weeks. I wake the gang up at 6:30 and they do their Bible video. Then we eat breakfast, music lessons, AWANA (when it starts), chores, then a few lessons in school. Break til 2:00pm, and school gets finished. Back to music: The little girls and I practice singing. I know that's scary for me since I am such a wonderfully trained singer!! Just kidding - I can not sing my way out of a paper bag; and just recently discovered that our Maddie, who has the voice of an opera singer (not kidding here) has been singing "like" me because she thinks that's how she's "supposed" to sing because it's all she's heard all her life. So we had a little chat and she is back to her crystal clear beautiful singing. Anyway, Beaker, Beatrice, and I sing Bible songs. This is their all time favorite that I finally got the words from a friend:
The devil is a sly old fox,
If I could catch him I'd throw him in a box,
Put him in a box and throw away the key,
So he won't play his tricks on me!
Anyway, I know: More pictures and less chatting. I can't really remember much about last week as it was a lot of school. Robert and Mr. Handsome went camping on Friday through Saturday. They had fun and Robert won a prize for catching the largest fish of the day: a 12 inch bass. He told everyone it was four feet wide!
Here is Lindsay with TWO missing teeth now. I pulled the other one out somewhere last week. It was in our bathroom. She is being silly! Surprise!!
Here she is with said tooth!!
I can't post enough pictures of Little A. He is almost as cute as our children!! :) WE all love him. He never cries for us in the nursery (That's because he loves Mr. Handsome - well, who doesn't??)
 These cupcakes were made for one of Beakers' little friends' birthday parties. It was at the railroad museum. His aunts made them. I think they are waaaaaay better than anything you could actually buy!!! The ladies at our church are so talented. I thank the Lord for them! :)

 In these photos you will see Beatrice trying to be Mommy two brothers from our church. They are so cute and they really do like Bea. She is just a bit smothery!!!! 

 The little fella on the right is one of Beaker's nursery buddies.
 Here's the smothery part!! ha ha ha ha haaa..... Aren't they cute?????  Get me away from this crazy insane kindergartener who's trying to be my Mommy!!!! Well, maybe they're not actually thinking THAT but it appears that way!! 
 What is a birthday party without Little A? Doesn't he look cute with his birthday hat?

 Here is one of my curtains. I think I am going to have to shorten it. I have one panel made for the bay windows. Three more to go. 
 This is what happens when I ask one of my dear friends for bows. She makes them and gave me a bag full!!! Needless to say, Beatrice and Beaker have no self restraint. Bea even wanted them on the back of her head.

 Beaker didn't want her picture taken at all!! She is pushing me away!
 Our only two photos from Jungle Rapids! 

What would life be like without a pez dachsund? 
And just in case you ever wondered what happens when three of your children jump on you in your favorite, beat up, recliner? YES!! It tips over!! Mr. Handsome showing his smooth operatorness!! :)

Some other things we did last week were attend a 50th anniversary party for a couple from our church. They are such a terrific testimony!!! We had a speaker who came to speak on the inerrancy, infallibility, and inspiration of the Bible, specifically the King James Bible. He was great. He went through a history of the Bible, too. He is also the son-in-law of my favorite author on the subject, G.A. Riplinger. is her website. She has done exhaustive research on the matter and makes it evident in just a cursory reading of her material that the new "versions" are not accurate and deliberately change what God has said with the intent to deceive. But don't take my word, or Mrs. Riplinger's word: Check for yourself!!! That's how I found out. If I didn't have people in my life who handed me a Bible and said, "You can understand this with the help of the Holy Spirit in your life", I never would have known I don't need Greek and Hebrew or a Ph.D. in Divinity!! If God made salvation accessible to EVERYONE, wouldn't He also make His Word accessible to EVERYONE too? Sure He did!!! :)

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