Sunday, June 17, 2012

The Bucket List.... I don't have

You read that correctly. I have been feeling so guilty because so many people have a bucket list. first of all, what is a bucket list? I mean, I have lots of buckets but apparently you're supposed to write all the things you want to accomplish ,or do, or attend, or see. And why bucket? Why not To-Do list? I don't have a bucket list OR a To-Do list. They both encourage To don'ts. If I did have a To-do list or a Bucket list there would only be one thing on both: To see my whole family know for certain they are going to Heaven when they die. That's it. Yep. Not very imaginative or adventurous! I have never written a To-Do list in my life. Nor do I plan to. It's not because I don't want to get things done. I do. A lot. But if I write that list then I limit myself to accomplishing the things in a certain period of time and I will be thoroughly disappointed if I don't accomplish something on the list. If I don't accomplish a lot on the list, I will become depressed, then I will have to rewrite the list and add other things I need to do, thereby creating a LONGER list that will make me even MORE depressed. See the cycle? Now, ask me if I have goals? Yes, I have LOTS of goals. I guess you can tell I was born before 1980, eh? But goals are always moved and adjusted to accommodate where I am at in life. And I don't have to write them down. My lifetime goal is to see our children grow in the grace and knowledge of the Lord and have a desire to serve Him faithfully in whatever He may have for them to do. Of course, Mr. Handsome has the same goal so we are working at this together. After they all accomplish that goal, we will go visit each of them for two months and then spend two months at home! That way, Lord willing, no one will get tired of us. OH! I do have a goal that is immediate. It is to really work on having a great relationship with my sister-in-law. My younger brother's wife. I never had a sister. I don't regret it. I had a cousin who is the same age and we were pretty close growing up so it was like having a sister. After our trip to Myrtle Beach, I was talking with the Lord and He reminded me that I have an opportunity here. I think Erin's always known it but I have not been as cooperative about the whole matter. So I have decided to work harder at it. And it has been worth it, that's for sure! She is a great friend, too. And our children love each other. She is also not afraid to tell me when I am annoying. Because I am my dad and mom's child: this means I am an overbearing control freak! God has worked with me on this and I am learning to get better and not think about me all the time. Last week was such a great week. I got to spend a few days with Erin, and some time with my sister-friends. Erin and I worked on making pillowcase dresses for Bea, Rachel, and Kristnie the Great. It was a lot of fun.
On Thursday we surprised two of my sister-friends with a birthday party! Their birthdays are a day apart and our other sister-friend (not pictured) was not going to be in town for them so we had it this past Thursday. It was a great deal of fun. Beatrice made the best, melt in your mouth cupcakes EVER! They were from that mouth-of-the-south world famous chef Paula Deen. I have one of her cookbooks - a kids' cookbook and that is where the cupcake recipe came from. Please don't buy me any of her books or send me any of her recipes. I don't have any interest in her. I know a lot of people LOVE LOVE LOVE her. I am not one of them. I am a Julia Child fan through and through. Anyway, these cupcakes were even better than my sister-friend Amy, whose cupcakes rival a professionals'. Robert made homemade lemonade, too. 

Here is everyone eating.

Here is Beatrice at our friends' softball game with one of the cutest babies in the world.

I just realized my photos are backwards. Ack. Oh well. We went shopping for Beatrices' birthday party, which is next week. Well, THIS week. Her birthday is June 21. She is going to be SIX! I can't believe it. Our Oppy-Stoppy is going to be SIX years old. she chose a cupcake theme. And she is getting an American Girl doll from my parents. We got her a new bike and some outfits for her baby doll that goes everywhere she goes. Anyway, we are in our favorite store! Party City! We love to go there. 

On Friday Lindsay had her best friend spend the afternoon with us. We even got to pick her up from school and that was exciting for everyone since they have never had the experience of even being picked up from school. Well, unless you count the times they fell asleep while doing school and I had to PICK THEM up off the floor. Yes, that HAS happened!! It's easy here. They just redo what they missed. 

Notice that there is one little kid missing! They are standing on the edge of the lake with the sign below near the lake. 

Yes, I am a big chicken. Of anything that could eat me. So while they had a grand time at the pond (right near us by the way), I was a nervous wreck, trying to figure out how to escape if an alligator tried to attack us. I just kept thinking, "Serpentine, run serpentine." I pretty much stayed on the path. I used to be this gung-ho, over the top adventurous person. What happened to that person? I left her somewhere in the year 2000 after I had our first child. From that point forward, the things that never worried me, scare me to death. I can't even get more than 6 feet above the ground without feeling like I am going to pass out, get dizzy, and feel nauseous. I did attempt the halfpipe at Jungle Rapids last year and that was a mistake. I nearly broke my neck. I didn't mind the ocean much, but now I will not go in above my ankles. My knees are pretty far away from the water and a great white could probably bite my legs off if I was in knee high water. I do occasionally go out far but I make sure Mr. Handsome is with me and try to keep close to him and pray something tastes him first. That being said, I do love the beach.

Here is a semi-group picture at the park again. Beatrice is awol. She was grumpy because I made her and Beaker walk around the pond. It is 1.24 miles. They both did it and I was so proud of them. It was a bit warm, though I won't say it was hot. 

The speck on the path is Beatrice, very put out that we still have to finish our walk. If you look past her you can see a pavillion. That is where we are walking to. At this point, we have gone one mile. 

On Friday evening, Mr. Handsome and I went out to eat at one of our favorite restaurants, that has really turned into a drunken sailor bar. Thankfully, they have an upstairs that is rather nice. This was our view. After dinner, we went to Barnes and Noble and we got Maddie her birthday presesnts: a nook case and a nook stylus. She will be so excited. My parents are getting her an American Girl Doll, too. I am really excited about this because, at some point, she decided she wanted to be a tomboy. I say decided because she was the girliest girly girl there was! Then she found out I was a tomboy growing up and suddenly decided she needed to be one. Dorothy was nice enough to regale her with stories of all the things I did. (Unfortunately, Dorothy also has no restraint and obviously still thinks I was the most horrid kid in the world. Thankfully, Maddie has not noticed that yet and I don't take Dorothy very seriously! I am going to be responsible for picking out her nursing home someday so she has to be nice to me!) So Maddie decided she needed to be like me. She is so cute trying! But she is no tomboy. She is as prissy and girly as they come. We don't ever, ever, ever try to change her, though. We love her just the way she is and as long as she is content and comfortable with who she is and she is what God wants her to be, that's all that matters.

Here is the cake Maddie made to celebrate Father's Day, Beatrice's Birthday, Tom's Birthday, and Oz's birthday. She did great and it tasted wonderful!

Here she is with her cake, too.

One of my sister-friends had the toddler nursery today and Beaker loves her. Her son is her best buddy! He gave Beaker a hug this morning and said, "Dis my fwen!" to one of the other little boys in class and he tried to give Beaker a hug but she wasn't paying attention.

Here she is taking a nap. All the little kids LOVE being under the table! They crack us up. And with that, I think I will take a nap - a loooooooong nap! 

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