Sunday, June 24, 2012

The Adventure Bus Strikes Again

One of the amazing things about a blog is that it's like typing your diary and anyone can see it. Well, except I don't have a diary, and I don't really have any desire to have one. So, scratch that! Having a blog is a lot of fun. It's my family's daily goings on and an occasional rant by me. God has blessed us beyond measure and last week was no different. Except that, for some reason, our children are becoming a bit unsettled. I will use this term because I think it's temporary but I am not sure how to move them beyond it. I think it's because we are off of our routine now that summer is here and we have been doing something fun every single day, nonstop. So when they get to rest they are unsettled because they are used to going and doing all the time. I am working on this. I bought them all "bridge" books - summer school of sorts. To keep them in school but not "in" school. I have found this year, that the most difficult part of homeschooling is the four to five extra hours we have in our day now. If they went off to school, THEY would have the four to five extra hours, not me! But we all have them and some days filling them is not easy. Friday, I sent everyone to their rooms for about 1.5 hours in the afternoon so they could rest and I could do some things - like get the fourth of July banners completed BEFORE Vacation Bible School starts! And we did it! But I am working in reverse here. Here is how our week began:
Monday morning Lindsay, Beatrice, and Lindsay's best friend made pancakes. Megan had a great time making them I think. She and Lindsay have known each other, and been best friends, since they were babies. I don't have any friends like that near me. My cousin is my age and we have known each other since we were babies, too, but I don't get to see her as often as I like. I cherish the friendships our children have because they remind me of my cousin! It is so sweet to see how much Megan and Lindsay love each other. 

Here they are working together. Too sweet!! I can't remember what Tuesday brought because it was so long ago (just kidding, it was only a few days ago, but I believe one of our events was going to the Kangaroo gas station to get drinks for 25 cents. The children used their allowances to buy big huge 32 oz. cups and they can fill them for 25 cents whenever they want at the Kangaroo store. I am so opposed to any kind of drink with sugar in it! Even sweet tea! (You can shoot me now!) But I agreed with the Lord that they would learn how to spend their money better if I didn't interfere with their purchases. It is difficult sometimes but it is working. If it's my money they are spending, I get to have total control, but theirs? They get total control. It is working because they are beginning to think ahead and determine that they might need to save some money to get something big they want. Maddie and Robert are grasping this concept. Beatrice, Lindsay, and Kristine not so much. They have good intentions but walk in Party City, go down the coin candy and party favor aisle some Friday and it could be bedlam! That would be my children eeking the most they can out of their allowance to buy their treasure.

Wednesday was nursing home day and we were celebrating Beatrice's birthday at Mom and Dad's. We were also picking beaker up from Grandma's. She spent the night there. Each of the children have spent one or two days with my parents which is so thoughtful of them! They have had a great time. Maddie may end up going. She doesn't like to stay away from us - at all. In fact, she is going to camp and I know she is going to doubt her decision when the time to go rolls around. She is very excited about it now and I think she will follow through with it with no problem but she is also very nervous. Anyway, Beatrice is holding our newest addition to our American Girl Doll store, er, family. Rebecca. She is so cute with her. That is all she wanted for her birthday so, of course, Grandma was happy to oblige!

We had veggie flowers for lunch. It was such a great idea Mom had. The kids loved it. AND ate the veggies. Here are their creations. 

Beatrice actually had a chocolate raspberry pie for her birthday cake but the candles wouldn't stay in so we used this part of a cake.
And now to the fun part. Our drive home. I have threatened the kids numerous times to put, in neon pink of course, "Adventure Bus" on our van. And this is precisely why:

I finally figured out how to get my videos from my phone to my computer: a mini sd card. They are sooo cute but very easy to lose. So it stays in my nook most of the time. 
Thursday was really Beatrice's birthday. And we surprised her with two outfits for her bitty baby doll. (also an American Girl doll.) She was ecstatic because she thought she was just getting her bike.

Her beautiful cake! :) She asked me to make it three layers of different sizes. It was kind of tiny but nonetheless she loved it.

Our table decorations.

I mentioned the Fourth of July banners, didn't I? Here they are. They were only up temporarily because we had to see if they were the right length. And they were not crooked. Have you ever tried to sew nine feet of straight seams in four rows? Me either!! It was a new experience.

Here are the wonderfully delicious bread loaves we made. They came from this website:
It is sooooo easy! I am making it as we speak for tomorrow. I am going to make a bunch of loaves to give to our favorite older people. They do so much for us and we love them and they will love this. Of course, I need to get them out of the house BEFORE we devour them!

One of my sister-friends pinned a cute sundress that someone commented it was "cute and EASY". While it was definitely cute, I wouldn't describe it as easy. It didn't take long but it was supposed to be for Beaker (on right). Instead it fit Bea. It looks REALLY long but it goes just beneath her knees and the top part I cut to long but everyone loved it when they saw it. And Beatrice loves it so that's all that matters. Here is where I got it from:

Sometimes I think I have the best job on the planet. I am so spoiled by Mr. Handsome and he loves me so much that he really loves having me home. In fact, I think I will make a loaf of bread for him to bring to work for his coworkers. 

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