Monday, May 9, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!!!

I am sitting up late waiting to move files from one hard drive to another. I just finished scanning my computer for malware and decided to post to my blog while I wait for files to copy. Last week was a terrific week. Very bus but lots done. I started AND finished a cute skirt. I am currently finishing up two quilts. One for Kristinie the Great and the other for Robert. I have finished a Mickey quilt block and have a bit left on a Minnie quilt block. The children went over to one of my friends' houses for a few hours one afternoon and Robert and his friend found a green snake. Here are the, ahem, lovely photos:

As you can see, EVERYONE but Mommy and her friend wanted to be in on the fun!!!

The children also had a yard sale which they enjoyed. Everyone made money, even Kristine and Beatrice!!!

Here is our garden. It's growing pretty nicely.

And we learned the hard way that it's always nice to go in the Spring to get glasses because you get a free pair of sunglasses!! Yep, our Robert needs glasses too!! :)

Here is is after a very tiring day!!!

The following are photos of Beatrice and her wig!! She woke up from her nap and yelled, for Beatrice never just talks!, "MOMMY!! I need my wig for Mrs. Jessica's shower!" Yes, she said wig!! And here it is.

Oh, and that's one of my friends modeling it for us!!

The last photo is of our Beatrice in her Mother's Day outfit. Keep in mind it is about 75 degrees outside. Take careful note of the climate she "should" bein for her outfit!!

Aside from starting my week by locking myself OUT of the house, I began my week today by locking myself out of our truck at joann's fabrics!! Thankfully AAA rescued me so Taylor's nap was not disrupted.

I had a terrific Mother's Day and was given a terrific gift for it and my birthday: a pandora bracelet!! God has blessed me with the best husband and children ever!! :)

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