Tuesday, May 10, 2011

After 1 1/2 years, it's FINALLY finished - and it may have been longer

I have this really awful habit. I am not a procrastinator because I procrastinate - I am a procrastinator because I get stuck on something and won't find the solution. Yup, it's true. And here's the proof. I decided about a month ago, that come what may, I was going to sew a little bit at a time every single day. So far, I have done this, missing maybe one day. And what's happened is, I've gotten some moxy about me and started finishing projects I've started, gotten stuck or frustrated, and tossed to the side. So here is the end result of that. My frustration came with not making the correct amount of squares for each pattern, THEN not having enough fabric, then blah, blah, blah, etc., ad nauseum!! But I rearranged the blocks, bought some other fabric, and voila! My very frist official quilt. I say very first because I actually made a blanket with no batting for a friend of mine who is having a baby so I don't consider it a quilt but it has a pieced together top. And I did do some quilting on it. BUT this is my very first quilt with batting!!! I am soooooo excited. Kristinie the Great walks by it and says, "my wilt, Mama, my wilt!!" So she will be over the moon when she sees it tomorrow. She's on vacation at my parents with Beatrice. So my lesson in this is that I need to persevere even when I get frustrated or confused. I wish I knew how to quilt better but I am learning. I am going to use my walking foot now. NO, not the one on the end of my leg - on my sewing machine. And I do have two walking feet at the end of my legs, by the way. Not that that matters. This quilt pattern is from Country Woman magazine and it's called wiggly worm quilt. I opted not to put the heads on because Robert and Beaker will grow out of that cute part. And there is one less row becasue of my er, uh, miscalculations. You need to be an engineer to quilt!!! I bet Mr. Handsome will help me!! :) (that's my dear husband, by the way!!) Gotta go - sister-in-law on way for our sewing party!! :)

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  1. BRAVO!!!! I remember finishing my FIRST "wilt" how cute!!! I realized...WOW..I MADE THIS! and it's a REAL QUILT..LOL

    Just like a puzzle...suddenly it's made the picture you wanted..

    Quilts are family heirlooms...and it doesn't have to be perfect...just full of love from the maker and the receiver!!

    Happy for you!