Saturday, May 4, 2013

I will never be alone

I know that is a strange title but lately, my children are driving me crazy!!! I think it is because we are almost done with school.
Well I guess its been since the beginning of April since I posted! We celebrated Mr. Handsomes birthday in grand style. We also said good bye, for now, to a dear friend. He had been sick for a long time but for some reason God kept him here. One of my favorite songs goes, We'll never say goodbye in Glory, over yonder, in the morning. We'll never say goodbye in glory, we'll never say goodbye up there. So someday I will see him again.
We saw Robert receive his God amd family badge and his Arrow of Light award. He is officially a Boy Scout. He missed his very first camping trip because he told Lindsay to tie a rope around his bike so she could pull him while he rode his scooter. I know this seems like something I would do and you're right! He had road rash all over him because Lindsay didnt realize he fell off and dragged him a few feet! He is handling the whole thing well I think.

The BIG event of the month so far, has been our Maddie saving up enough money to buy herself her own ipod touch. I am really proud of her! She saved for quite a while. We went to sams and she is thrilled!

I had a baby shower to attend for a friend decided I was tired of the rail fence pattern I had been doing. I remembered AFTER I made this quilt WHY I did rail fence patterns for EVERYONE!  Because then no one would feel more or less loved! And this is a friend who moved away. So now I am working on a quilt for a friend who is here. She is having a boy so I picked out all kinds of crazy boy fabric.  Pictures later.

This is Aiden John and Robert. They are buddies! And the last photo is od Lindsays cake creation: strawbeeey cake. It was excellent. Alas, there will be no seconds as our Maddie dropped the rest! :(

We are looking forward to our summer beginning. It has been a looooooong school year. We are required to be in school for nine months and this includes field trips and co-op. But our curriculum is a sokie 170 days so we end up doing more than 200 days of school! I am so thankful it is not school like sitting at your desk all day school. We have been working on getting through th e original Swiss Family Robinson. It has been fun. I have been reading to the children every night. We are enjoying it. I only remember reading the abridged version but I may have read the whole thing.

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