Monday, December 10, 2012

In the throes of the Christmas season!

We have a lot of friends who use the elf on the shelf. The moms(or dads) move him(or her) around the house to keep a watch on th e kids for Santa. Everyday he(or she) is in a different spot. So the children wake up excited to see where he(or she) will be. We dont have an elf on the shelf because he it is creepy looking and I am afraid I might find it wielding my meat cleaver one day. I thought the idea was fun though our kids kniw Santa is a storybook character. No, we havent ruined Christm as we know it! In fact, our children love Santa - well actually Bea and Kristine are terrified of him still but Lindsay and Robert enjoy seeing him.

Back to the elf on the shelf.  I wanted to do something similar so I came up with the three wise guys. Almost everyday they do something silly and have an attribute of Jesus and a Bible verse to go with it. Here are some of the things they have been up to:

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