Saturday, October 6, 2012

When God blesses a tomboy with girls

I am about two months late with this post!! I can not tell you where the time goes but it certainly goes somewhere. I think that I am all on top of things and then things get all on top of me!! We started school and all I can say is WOW! Who knew homeschooling five children was going to be like participating in the Running of the Bulls! I love it but did not expect to only have snippets of time to think. My children have taken to ask me why I am nodding my head and moving my hands around (For your novices, I am TALKING to myself!), so I tell them I am talking to myself. Only myself never answers back. We are having a great school year aside from the children's Mom (me) going quackers! I love being home and I love taking care of our children. We are rolling back the clock here and probably starting in late August, early September. But I will get us up to date in a few blog posts I think. I have said before how much I love my new smartphone. I love it even more now that I don't have to download any photos from it. It automatically sends them to my google+ account which is linked to my blog. So I pick what I want to download and VOILA it puts them in my blog. 
Sometimes Mr. Jerry is a little late getting to the nursing home, and Mrs. Jackie has trouble getting the residents from memory care up to the room where we have our Bible study. (They probably forget where they are going or something!) So our Robert jumps in and helps lead the music. He really enjoys it and when Mr.  Jerry comes, he is glad to help him out.

Here is Bea and Rachel having fun together. We are at Aunt Erin and Uncle Tom's house.
The little fella on the left is one of Kristinie the Greats' friends. Well, actually, he's her BEST friend. And he loves Robert and John.

Three Good Buddies!!

Yep, this is DEFINITELY sometime in August. We had a Praise the Lord you're better party for one of my sister-friends. She went through four months of chemo and so far, thank the Lord, she is cancer free! 

Here she is with the card Maddie made her.

Beaker was wiped out after the party and fell asleep on my lap while we watched Andy Griffith.

Lindsay is probably showing us a gymnastics move but I am not sure.

They are anxiously awaiting going to Kristinie the Greats' BFF's birthday party at Jungle Rapids Jungle gym.

They are sooooooooooooooooooo excited!!! :)

Mr. Roger knows how to win tickets!! He has about 1500!!

Here we are at my niece and nephew's graduation party. Both of them graduated this summer! Melody also passed her nursing boards! Joe has his masters. They are Aidens' mom and dad. Here is Kristnie the Great being a Super Hero.

Captain American-ironman

Maddie and Aiden! Aiden is telling Maddie about his legos. 

The two Irongirls!! :) Kristinie the Great and Rachel

Robert and John with their new Avengers shirts. They love to wear matching clothes! 

Getting ready for our lunch at SAM's. SAM's has the cheapest lunches in town. We can eat for under $20.00 there and that is for 10 people!!

Maddie after her second to last game of summer basketball!! She made TWO baskets in one game!! :) 

The first day of school. 

 A quilt for a friend who adopted a little girl and sadly, the family wanted her back!!!

Back of said quilt!

Getting ready to celebrate Julia Child's 100th birthday. It was a BIG day for us.

Erin finished John's quilt before his surgery. He LOVES it! Of course he does!! Mommy made it just for him. She also finished Rachel's quilt.

Our side dishes for our Julia Child birthday celebration. Pommes dauphinois and cauliflower au gratin. They were yummy!

A dramatic yet subtle fish souffle! 

That brown roof in the background is our church. We rented it out to the movie people so they could film, what we found out later, was an awful movie about some guy who is a drug dealer making believe he is married to a woman of the night so they could smuggle drugs from Mexico! 

We decided to drive through. There were famous people there. I don't know who they were and probably wouldn't have recognized them if they stopped my van to talk to me. Our van looks just like a shuttle van so no one really cared that we were there.

We went to the Tregembo Animal Park down near Carolina Beach. It was a great time.

Beatrice getting ready to sing. Robert is behind her waiting to say his lines.

Here is Lindsay. She was the gypsy woman.

Getting ready for AWANA! I made bookmarks for all the kids. They really liked them.

And for our new Sunday School year starting, I made loaves of bread for everyone. It was a lot of fun. And thank the Lord, I think they came out pretty good!

A beauty pageant. 

The sunbathing section. Note the flippers!

Kristinie the Great and Pat-Pat waiting for her class to start.

Our kitchen helpers helping me make the bread.

A superhero never sleeps without her cape!

While working on another bed, the little kids crammed themselves into a box! I wonder if we could ship them to Kalamazoo?! :0)

The finished loft bed for Julie!

Our family dinner to Golden Corral. We had a great time. It was quite impromptu and everyone enjoyed themselves.

Well, everyone enjoyed the cotton candy!

And ice cream

Yes, they did eat regular food first!

See?!! Maddie has a pickle! And watermelon!

A friend of ours has a BMW sports car and Robert wanted to sit in it. He loves, loves, loves, loves loves cars and trucks. He is driving us girls crazy, actually. We have no interest in them. At all. Really. And he wants us to know what make, model, and year every car he sees is.

We took a trip to Southport on the ferry. That was a lot of fun.

Our picnic from Bojangles at the waterfront in Southport.


Kristinie the Great. Yes, I know, it's like 100 outside. Don't ask. We don't know either.


Maddie loved all the tigers and cheetahs at the toy store.

OK. I like funny kids' books. Really. I do. But I think this definitely crosses the line. Just sayin'.

Mr. Handsome hanging in a  hammock made in some country that I forgot about. 
I am sure you've noticed my title has nothing to do with the posts. But there is a theme here if you look back. Our girls are very girly and it is not in my "comfort zone". I was a tomboy through and through and have no idea how to do a lot of things they want to do. But I am learning and it has been fun. So far.  A little irritating. Why do you have to do your hair five times a day and change your outfit eleven times a day? Is that really necessary? Well, apparently, every outfit, even when it has not coordinating characteristics whatsoever, has a definite and binding purpose to the event they are participating in. Who knew? So I try to oblige and be accommodating  I am glad they do their own laundry. 

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