Sunday, July 29, 2012

July is already gone!

We have had a wondeful July! Last week, Robert went to camp and this week Maddie is going. But let me start at the beginning of the last two week! I have already mentioned that Mr. Handsome bought me a new cell phone. It is great. I don't even have to transfer my photos from my phone to my e-mail to my computer! How cool is that?! They go from my phone to my blog!!! Yup! That's it. That saves me a huge hassle, only I didn't realize it did all this until this weekend. I kept getting messages that my pictures were transferred successfully to google+, whatever that is. But I had this idea that google+ was somehow connected to my blog because is a google program. And rather than taking 30 minutes to almost an hour and a half to transfer photos, they are already done for me. I have been able to keep up with sales a lot easier with my phone, too. I love love love love love that! Well, here is our week:
This is Buffy the wonder dog. She is eating a pig's ear and she really dislikes people pestering her while she is eating it. We are good friends with her owners. Glenda and Jerry are great!

This is our new friend at the nursing home. She built her nest between a window pane and the screen in the room where we have our services. She has a nest full of babies but I couldn't get a photo of them.

Here is Rachel after lunch at Grandma's. We are headed to our house.

a week and a half ago we celebrated Maddie's birthday with a birthday party. I love parties but they are a lot of work to plan and this one was no exception. My sister friends all came over early to help. The night before the party I made this watermelon cake. It is made entirely out of fruit. We also had spring rolls for lunch. Everyone really enjoyed it. Maddie picked a luau theme.

Here is one table. I am thankful that my children are not bound by age barriers. Maddie invited Kristinie the Great's bff and she invited my sister friends!! Our age range for the party was from 1 year old - 13 years old with kids and then adults. There were 19 children!!! 

These are Maddie's two best friends. She has grown up with the young lady on the left. They met when Maddie was 1 and Bailey was 2. And Maddie met the young lady on the right through homeschooling. Bailey, left, Rachel, right.

And PJ, on the far right, is Bailey's little sister. She and Robert are the same age and have known each other since they were born pretty much. And actually, the running joke her mom and I have is that she and Robert are already spoken for. When PJ was about 2 or 3 and would come over to play, she would always insist that she and Robert get married and Bailey and Maddie helped plan the wedding. And she would tell whoever would listen that she was going to marry Robert! Robert would probably die a thousand deaths if he knew I put this in my blog but it's so cute I had to.

Here are some more of her friends. Toni is seated. In the back row: Rebecca, Victoria, and Zoe (all sisters). front row: Beatrice, Carmyn, Beaker, and Lindsay. The blur is McKenzie!

The little fella in the back left is Beakers' bff. He is Brayton.

And here is his little sister Kenleigh! She is worn out!

Maddie and I getting ready to go to her basketball game.

Megan and Lindsay watching the bride (the lady who is holding the guy's arm: that's her son.) go down the aisle. On Sunday afternoon, two of our church members were married. They are a sweet couple, too.

Beatrice's favoritest person on the planet!

Here are two of Robert's buds, Jared, in front, and his brother Jacob. Notice the tinsle on the table? Yes! It was the most annoying decoration EVER. It got stuck to my cup, my food, my fork, EVERYTHING! Note to self: Never use tinsle on anything but a Christmas tree even if it looks beautiful on the table!

And after the wedding, we had church. And here is what happens when you are so tired but want to go pray at the altar during invitation.

Our trip to the movies to see Spy Kids. It was very cute. 

And the rest of the girls. Robert is at camp.

After sewing class we went to the park only to find out it was 100 degrees outside! YIKES! We high tailed it back home and played at the house.

We went to visit a friend at a nursing home and they have a bunch of ducks. 

Thursday was dinner at Oz and Dorothy's. So Lindsay and I made an olympic theme cake. Only when Lindsay made the candy clay, she misread the ingredients and put 1.25 teaspoons salt instead of 1/4 teaspoon. YES, it did make a big difference.

This past Friday was a big day. We started out by going to Uncle Chris' to make a loft bed for Maddie's American Girl doll. It only took us an hour and twenty minutes. We're getting quicker.

Here is Beaker wearing bumblebee's mask. Note the long sleeved dress and winter slippers. I know, crazy, right?!

Here is the almost finished bed.

And voila! The finished product. From this point forward, our day was one big race to prepare for our Olympic party. We had to go food shopping, get party supplies, decorations, and eat lunch with Dorothy. We have a family tradition of celebrating the opening ceremonies of the olympics with LOTS of junk food. We do this because we don't eat a lot of junk food as it is and it's a great time to enjoy it and we have fun. Well, this year, Mr. Handsome and I decided to ask our friends Jerry and Glenda to come. Somehow, the little girls, Beatrice and Kristinie the Great, got the idea everyone in church was invited. So last Sunday evening, the were inviting everyone! It was sooooo cute, too. It didn't bother me because I love a great fun party but I had to make sure Mr. Handsome was OK. And he was. He's such a good guy. So we spent Friday preparing for the party:

I won't list all the names but my brother Tom is in the back next to the wall.

I must have thought I messed the picture up and took a second one. So you get to see it twice. Note the American flag in the background on the right. It is to the left, slightly higher then the OTHER flag! Which you will see below.

Here is another view. AND the Norwegian flag on the left BUT to the right of the American flag! 

Two of my AWANA buds!

Mr. Handsome with our friends Melissa and Robbie, who are expecting a baby in February. We are so excited for them. They are going to be awesome parents.

Evanne cutting her homemade Olympics cake. Not only did it taste great but it looked great!

Beaker's new friend, Mr. Philip!

Beatrice and Megan

The kids got the floor.

Kenleigh likes Sarah!

Saturday was a fun but relaxing day. I cleaned out my sewing room and rearranged it to try to make it uncluttered. I think it worked. Here is Lindsay on the slip and slide.


Our neighbor Logan

Robert, whom we also had to pick up in the middle of our day Friday. He had a great time at camp.

Beaker did not go very far on the slip and slide and she was very disappointed everytime she went down the thing. 

Our neighbor Sydney



After church Mr. Handsome took us to Andy's. Robert showing off his mustang!

Tonight in church the boys were given the opportunity to be the ushers. They are all Roberts' best buds. On the left is William, then Jared, then Jacob, and Robert. I know I am probably being irreverent by taking photos during church but this was such a cute photo of these guys. 

I am very sad to see Maddie go to camp but not for her; for me! I will really miss her. She is such a terrific kid. she is growing into such a sweet young lady. I am looking forward to seeing what the Lord does in her heart at camp. She is going with one of her good friends and Jacob and Jared. She is very excited and packed yesterday. She doesn't leave until tomorrow afternoon! 

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