Wednesday, March 28, 2012

It's been far too long.....

It's been rather busy the past three weeks but I really don't have any excuse for not posting except my laptop has become obsolete. As in, my nook is my new computer. It does everything but print!! I can type on it but I am not very good - yet. I'm learning. Once I get the hang of it, I will be able to type my blog on it. It does everything but clean the house and babysit the children. Oh wait!! It DOES babysit the children. I've found lots of "educational" games for them to play and it is great, as long as Beaker and Beatrice are getting along, to let them use it while I am trying to get a few things done and I don't want the TV on, which is all the time.
Here we are eating lunch with Grandma at the Italian restaurant near us. It's not a "real" Italian restaurant, for there is no "real" Italian restaurant within 600 miles of here. No offense, south, but you can't hold a candle to John's, Steve's, and Michaelangelo's! Robert on right and John on left.

Here is Lindsay - she's on the right just in case you're not sure - and Mr. Jerry with Lindsay's rabbit. We are at the nursing home. The little girls and Robert always bring some stuffed animal to show our friends. They get such a kick out of it. When I am in a good mood, I let Kristine and Beatrice bring all their doll stuff with them - diaper bag, stroller, carrier, and of course, the well loved doll! 

Here are John and Robert. Robert spent the night at John's house and they are both very tired. 

This is Dagmar the wonder dachschund.

And here is Teddy Bear. He is pretty old and very cute. 

Krsistinie the Great and Beatrice working on multiplication tables. Seriously!! We are cracking up at them. Kristinie the Great has no idea what she's reading and Lindsay is telling Beatrice what to say!! And Kristine repeats it. Notice they are NOT the easy ones, either!

Here we are on one of our favorite field trips: YUP! World Market!! We love world market. You can get marzipan here. That is only important if you grew up in a European home where marzipan was a staple. And you can get toffifay, my most favorite candy in the world. 

At the park with friends, though they are not in this photo.

Or this photo!

Ah, here is one of the friends - on the right! 

Getting ready for the AWANA Grand Prix. 

Robert working hard on a car he won't be able to race because he has a scouting camping trip. 

We had a Sunday School party at our Sunday School teacher's house. He, obviously, lives on a small lake. Robert is out there showing off his boating skills.

Lindsay fishing. No one caught anything.

Here is Kathy and Preacher Correll. He's our Sunday School teacher. We had a great time. The food was great. I had two helpings, I'm embarassed to admit. We have a terrific Sunday School class, too.

Here is Kristinie the Great wandering around. Beatrice got a hook in her thumb. No surprise here as we are truly the safety "party crashers". You can depend on one of us to have an accident at a party! Sort of like when I was a kid you could depend on me hitting my head on something. Sometimes it was even serious enough to go to the ER. And the Chinese doctor there knew me!! 

Here is Beaker fishing. In the background is Glenda and Jerry Smith, THE Mr. Jerry we go to the nursing home with. They really enjoyed fishing. What was funny was watching the adults, including myself, fish with Scooby Doo and Barbie fishing poles!! We did bring regular poles but never got around to getting them out. When you have as many children as we have, there's always a lot of paraphernalia to be shared! 

Maddie fishing!

Here is our Preacher rowing our children. He is very brave. Most people get tired of being around us or try to avoid spending time with us but he, and Mr. Jerry and Mrs. Glenda, and several other friends, never tire of being around us! Boy, are they an encouragement to us!! We really thank the Lord for them. 

Here is everyone hoping a fish will just jump out at them! Actually, I think they are watching Maddie and/or Robert row the boat.

Um, yes, that IS our girly girl Lindsay holding a worm.

Mr. Handsome rowing Beakster and I think that is Lindsay.

At home, practicing using the bow. We're not very good but hopefully we will take some time to practice. We need some kind of weapon to protect ourselves since guns will become illegal at some point. I will not elaborate here as I may get some bleeding heart liberals on here and I don't want to offend them too badly.

I thought we would get a photo of Kristinie the Great shooting the bow, but obviously you got yours truly. Don't I look like I should be living off the land?!! 

Robert showing us how it's done.

Spring banner design nixed. We are going with vines and lettering that says, "I am the vine; ye are the branches." 

This design is also nixed. This one is for Fourth of July. We are going to make red and blue VERTICAL stripes because, yes you probably guessed it, it looks like a tie!! And vertical are a lot easier to cut. Horizontal would be very difficult to stitch on without the thread showing on the other color when I make the hems. So we are going with blue and red VERTICAL stripes and white stars appliqued on top. I am hoping we can do 25 on each banner but I think I will give my sew out helper a heart attack. I'm a bit overzealous I suppose. 

Ahhhhhh, the joys of killer badminton. Yes, in our home it's a dangerous sport to play. But fun. Seven to eight racquets, six birdies, and lots of children equals craziness central! 

Here are the Cubbies getting ready to Start yer Engines at our AWANA Grand Prix!! What a great time we had, too!! Beaker, Rachel, and John waiting to be called to bring their car to Mr. Jason.

Here are the Sparkies waiting to race. Beatrice, Lindsay, and Megan.

And our Trek club: from the left, Maddie, Jared, Jacob, Evanne, and Toni.

And the winners are!!! Everyone in our family won a trophy so no tears. I can tell you, that was a HUGE relief!! And John won first place in Cubbies. Tom was a proud daddy. He couldn't be there so he had to live through Erin's photos she sent. Maddie's car went about 203mph!!!

Beatrice happy to have a trophy with her new webkinz, Pucky. Yes, Pucky. I have no idea.

Here is Beaker with her car.

We had a lot of other things going on. Of course, Robert and Taylor went camping with scouts. We are getting ready for Easter and Taylor's birthday which is April 7. That is always exciting because we have a big party at church for him and one of his friends, whose birthday is a day later, or earlier; I can't remember. We'll also celebrate it at my parents on Easter. Around here, we usually have at least three birthday parties for each person. Have a great week! :) Shhhhhhh... Don't tell but my absolute most favorite holiday is coming up. Seriously. Yes. April Fool's Day. And I have got some great pranks to play on Mr. Handsome. I am going to sew all of his underwear together. Don't worry, I won't use my sewing machine; I am just going to get a needle and thread and run it through the whole pile twice and tie it up. What do you think? And if I can get my groove on, I am going to paint a bar of soap with clear nail polish and put it in the shower. I really am torn with this one, being the cheapskate that I am but I guess I can use the veggie peeler and just peel off the nail polish, right?! Don't tell him!! It's been quite a number of years since I have played one but I love to play jokes on people. The last April Fool's joke I played was on my family. I made meatloaf cupcakes and tinted mashed potatoes to look like frosting. I didn't tell them what I was doing and served them for dessert. We even pranked the neighborhood kids, too!! Ha ha ha haaaa.... Remember Proverbs 17:22 - A merry heart doeth good like a medicine...

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