Monday, February 20, 2012

Where is Pinkie Pie?

I wanted to be sure I told this story about Kristinie the Great because I never remember to write them down. She is learning "Where is Thumbkin?" and instead of saying "Where is Pinkie?" she says, "Where is Pinkie Pie?" Pinkie Pie is a pony from My Little Pony. I wish I could remember everything my children say because they are hilarious.

Today was not a busy day but we could not do school, for the first time since we began video streaming with Abeka! Which was three years ago. I finally gave up trying to get online after lunch. So we had a holiday just like the rest of the United States. We invited some friends over and everyone got to play. Beaker and Beatrice showed off for my sister-friend that came to visit so we didn't even have to worry about conversation! Not that we would have anyway but they were entertaining us so much. And we had a tea party which was a lot of fun. The upshot was we got rid of all the junk food. Being the ever conscientious and polite hostess that I am, I let all the children eat as much as they wanted.

Monday began by making my annual Valentine's Day present for Mr. Handsome. It's been a number of years since I made him truffles so I decided I better hop to it and start that tradition back. I am finding now that the children are a little older I am able to gain back some of the lost traditions we've had. They really enjoy it. Kristinie the Great helped me with the truffles. But, sadly, I miscalculated the recipe. Wanting to double it, I doubled everything but the chocolate chips! Yup, rocket scientist!!! So we tried making ice cream, to no avail. After pondering the whole matter, I decided to make fudge bars. They turned out fabulous. OH - the truffles were supposed to be chocolate raspberry. So for Valentine's Day Mr. Handsome was served chocolate raspberry fudge bars with vanilla almond sauce topped with cafe au lait whipped cream. (It's really just instant coffee in homemade whipped cream but it sounds so boring to say "coffee whipped cream".)

We also worked on valentine's day cards for our friends at the nursing home. My e-craft is amazing. It has this feature that you can multi-cut on it. I can put several sheets of 12x12 paper in the back tray and punch in the number of, say, hearts I want. I don't even need to stand by the machine! It does it all by itself! Here is everyone working on the cards. Notice, Beaker is not around. She is sleeping. On purpose. Glue, paper, and Beaker along with everyone else do not mix. Don't worry! I did not deprive her of the opportunity to make her own. We saved some so she could work by herself when she got up. OH, now don't go feeling sorry for her. THE BOY and her sisters were happy to boss her around while she worked!

Here is Robert and Mr. Handsome working on our Faith pizzas. We worked on the foundation, or crust last week. It was a lot of fun.

Notice the center I-heart-you!! I had to take a photo of that! Oh, and by the way, all of our nursing home friends loved their cards and we were actually two short - that was a bit embarassing! But the ladies who didn't get one were very good natured about it. 

Here is Dorothy at Cracker Barrel. We are celebrating her birthday and Valentine's Day. She is wearing beads from Dollar Tree - our favorite place to buy presents for grandparents or unsuspecting people we love! The kids LOVE to shop there. The beads even turned her neck green!

Here we are celebrating Valentine's Day at home. I found cute little boxes of cookies for the children. They get lots of candy everywhere else, I thought they would like some cookies. 

Grandma's Movie Theatre. You can tell everyone here DOES NOT watch much TV. When it's on they are all glued to the set!! Ha ha ha haha!!! 

A front view. We are getting ready to leave here. See how fast they move? The TV is like a hypnotic box. When I turn it off, everyone suddenly comes out of their trances and back to reality. We headed home to get ready for church. We had a Valentine's Day dinner to raise money for a missionary family up in Baffin Island, near the Arctic Circle. 

There was a raffle for these roses in my hand and Robert was responsible for the tickets. Guess who won? He was so cute, too. He ran right up to me and wished me a Happy Valentine's Day! He's going to make a great husband someday!! 

Thursday we worked on Easter banners. YES!! We got our marching orders early!! I am so excited. Friday Frenzy was a frenzy as usual. On Saturday we got an extra special treat. We went to Supply, which is south of here to visit a little church and hear a man named Dr. Russell Anderson speak. The church was holding a youth rally and we found out so took the children down there. He was great. He is 81, a millionaire, gives 50% of his income to the Lord's work, and loves the Lord! Above is Robert konked out! He played his whole basketball game that morning and they won by ONE point! He also ran the wrong way and tried to make a basket. This is very memorable because I did the same thing when I played basketball, only I was about 15!!! My teammate threw me back over half court, only it was too late, I got a backcourt violation! But we won our game by 2 points I think!

Lindsay worn out too!

Word of advice: NEVER think a place called Seafood BARN will be cheap. It wasn't and we didn't realize it! We picked it out on the GPS because who would actually want to eat seafood in a barn? Apparently, a lot of people. It was great food, though. I had deviled crab, which of course is never fresh but it was good nonetheless. 

Here are the kids playing Simon Says. Our children are up there somewhere but they got out after a while.

And this little guy on the left is Dr. Russell Anderson. It was so fun to meet him. If my grandma was alive and his age, he would be the perfect husband for her - my dad's mom! But I don't think he ever married. His shirt cuffs have Bible verses embroidered on them. I couldn't talk Robert into doing that. 

And the crowning event of our week was Mrs. Coiner Maker giving Kristinie the Great her brand NEW blanket, or mankie as she calls it. She kept hugging Mrs. Janet and hugging her!! Beaker loves to play with the strings on her blanket that Mrs. Coiner maker made her and she eventually worked a string loose and did what every precocious 2 year old (that's how old she was at the time) would do: she pulled it, and pulled it, and pulled it, and pulled until there was a hole so big she could step through it!! We tied it up and called it Noodle because it looked like a noodle. I got the nerve up to ask Mrs. Janet, who is one of my sister-friends too, by the way, if she would have mercy upon us and make her another one! She acquiesced and here it is! Now her name is Janet, not Coiner Maker but when Bea was little (she made Bea one, too) she called her blanket her "Coiner" as in "Corner" because she always had the corner. So we started calling Mrs. Janet, Mrs. Conier maker! She's famous in our house! 

I think that's about it to our week. Robert had his two best buds over to spend the night Friday and Lindsay went to their house to spend the night with their sister. Have a great week!

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