Monday, January 9, 2012

Mrs. Magilicuddy is home!!

Being silly is a natural state for me. So for people who are serious minded, I generally annoy them at best and repel them at worst. I am rather excited because I got Mrs. Magilicuddy back from the shop. She had a tune up last week. OH! Mrs. Magilicuddy is my sewing machine, of course!! She needed a serious break from me. So I took her to a really nice new shop near me called Sew Happins. They are new in town and here is my brief review: They're awesome!! They blow away any competitors' prices for service! And they are friendly and helpful. Wow!! Who'd a thought that?! Anyway, Mrs. Magilicuddy works great and she is happy to back to her old job.

I am equally content knowing I can sew again. And I have been sewing. I haven't been sewing up a storm but maybe a squall here and there as she's only been home for three days. She went into the shop last Monday morning. Mr. Handsome had the day off Monday so my sister-friends and I went out and had fun. It can be a bit dangerous to let us loose on our own but one of my friends brought her daughter along to remind us we were, in fact, adults!! Glad to know someone sees me as a grown-up!!

Here we are in World Market! I know, you have to look at this sideways as I am not very good at remembering to make sure my photos are rotated. And sometimes when I do rotate them, the blogger program rotates them back automatically. One of my favorite things about this time of year is all the clearance sales. It is sooooooo difficult not to snatch up everything I see because there are such great deals. So, I got smart. I went out without any money and I put any extra money in my savings account. Problem solved. I get to look but not collect!! Because I probably would have bought one of these New Year's masks! And their 1.00 Christmas pasta, and their crackers that were 75% off!! And their cute little nutcracker plates and saucers, and a cute snowflake dish (glass too), and this, and that. See what I mean? My money is safer in my savings account! The rest of Monday was very relaxing. Did I say that? Yes, it was, and it was great having Mr. Handsome home. He had a very long vacation and he loves being home with us even though we wear him out!

Doesn't Robert look happy? It's Tuesday morning!! We have officially begun school for the 2012 year! Yay! He is a bit tired and if you look at the lower left hand corner you'll catch a glimpse of Kristinie the Great wearing her flippers she got for Christmas! They finally got tired of them. I hope we will be able to find them when it comes time to go swimming! We are doing our school day a little bit different and adding some more chores to our schedule. Mommy's has included cleaning and organizing. And, I must say, for a   recovered hoarder, I'm doing pretty good. I have cleaned and organized the girls' bins and bedrooms, my sewing room, some drawers in the kitchen, my desk, and my pocketbook. The girls told me that my purse is NOT a pocketbook because it's no pocket-size. It's true, it's not. It's pretty big. The children have helped me out with the organizing too. Robert's room is next and then our room, which won't take much time because my one stipulation for our present home was NO clothes in the bedroom! Nope. None. Nada. They are all in our closet. Not that we have a big closet, we just don't have a lot of clothes. 

And here's Tuesday night. We are at our first ladies meeting of the year!! It was great!! And my sister-friend is holding a cup of steamed milk with toasted marshmallow flavoring and fresh whipped cream with grated chocolate!!! It was wonderful. She didn't want a picture of herself, just the cup, but she needs to be on my blog! 

One of the many rearranging things was cleaning out space in my sewing room. So, Maddie volunteered to decorate our mantle in the living room. Didn't she do great? I myself, would never even dream of doing that!! See the blue vase? That is actually a tube she knitted and covered a mason jar with it! She is so talented!! We are in awe of her abilities everyday. And all the little girls just look up to her so much and want to do what she does!

I did forget to mention that our Beaker has bronchitis. We didn't know it at the beginning of the week but decided we better stick close to home since she wasn't feeling well. We washed her Patpee and her blankie along with other special friends. Beatrice added her little stuffed friends and blanket too. Here they are being entertained by flitting and floating stuffed animals. Glad we aren't paying for cable, dish, or satellite!! HA! We did miss our friends at Champions this week (the nursing home) because we don't want to spread the love. Lord willing, we will see them this Wednesday.

This is what happens when you're stuck at home with a sick child and their teachers are bored because they only have one student: WEAR his hat!! Kristine hated missing her class. My two sister-friends are the best teachers. She learns so much in her class (though you can't tell from this particular photo!). I really thank the Lord they are teaching her. Well, I thank the Lord for all of my children's teachers at church. They do a great job!! It is always exciting when they go to their first class or move up. We get to hear about what they are learning (or NOT learning when the teacher is bored [see photo above])!! Some of their teachers have been doing their job for over 10 years, too!! What a great testimony of commitment and service. It isn't always easy, and you don't get thank yous readily, but knowing you are making a difference in the life of a child is worth every minute.

Here is what I did while Mrs. Magilicuddy was getting her tune-up! Working on a quilt! It is all the leftover Christmas fabric I have and I keep finding things to do with it. Hopefully this is the final thing because, quite frankly, I am getting a bit bored from using the same thing for over a month. Thankfully, we are getting ready to work on new banners so I am excited about that! I thought the quilt was a lap quilt but it's actually a baby quilt. I think it's the same size as a lap quilt and if not, I'll just use what's left of the Christmas fabric and add more to it.

On Friday, we got to spend some time with one of my dear friends. She has four girls and our children have a ball with them. Maddie wanted to take a photo of me so here I am! I am actually about 20 feet off the ground on some metal trees since regular trees in our family are a threat to our very existence (see post about Lindsay and her cut finger a few weeks ago.).

Here is what the trees looked like.

Robert was short enough to do this. I tried. Let's just say that some moms that come to the playground take their child's playtime at the playground way too seriously and are not happy with a mom who actually has fun at the playground herself.  

Beatrice waiting impatiently for her friends to show up.

We had a great weekend, albeit a bit busy. And sadly, we think someone stuck a knife in our brand new tired Friday afternoon while I was home. Mr. Handsome thought I hit a curb (don't be too shocked he would ask that; I'm pretty much an expert at curb hitting and could probably teach people a thing or two about it.). I was able to say with complete honesty, though highly surprising, I didn't hit a single curb that day. Mr. Handsome changed the tired while I was at basketball practice with the big kids. Saturday they had games. They are getting better and better. Their coaches are terrific. Saturday afternoon, Kristinie the Great's fever would not go down, so Mr. Handsome was so sweet. He took her to medac. She has bronchitis. We tag teamed church yesterday and let me just say I am about discouraged!! Our family has never been so unfaithful to church!! Last Wednesday Kristinie and I stayed home. Part of us was home yesterday morning and yesterday evening. This is not a good way to start off our year serving the Lord. And today, Robert and Lindsay started feeling bad, too. Mr. Handsome and I know the best place for them is home so they don't get sicker and they don't get anyone else sick but we sure do miss going as a whole family. I am so thankful some of us are represented though! We don't have to go to church, we WANT to go. It's so much fun to go and sing the songs, learn God's Word, see my friends, and take a little time out of our week to give God credit for what He's done for us.

So, the photo above is our family game night. Boy, do the kids love this! I picked out the game: Hedbanz. This game is hilarious beyond hilarious. And having a preschooler and kindergartener make it even more fun because they don't get you're not supposed to tell what's on the card on other peoples' head bands and sometimes they accidentally tell. Beaker was so funny because she kept asking the same question over and over. So, I was trying to help her. I said, "Ask them if it is a color?" She said, "Is it that color?" I wanted her to pick a color and ask!! We were cracking up. Maddie ended up winning because she guessed hers so quickly. Mr. Handsome was trying to explain the rules with the headband on his head and I was trying not to laugh too hard. It's really hard to take someone serious with a headband on their head!! Have a great week and Happy New Year!

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