Saturday, June 4, 2011

Quiet as a mouse in this house

After a very busy week and several attempts to post pictures with no success I guess I will just have to write! Everyone is sleeping and I am watching a Rex Harrison movie - his first in fact. It is Anna and the King of Siam.

That said, our week was filled with craziness as usual but I wouldn't change it for anything. Especially when we go shopping and people stop and watch us pass by - all SIX of us!! Some people tell me I have my hands full but I can't see how - I have nothing in them!! There was nothing exciting to note from last week. Kristinie the Great is talking more and more - she repeats everything Beatrice says. If Beatrice says, "Mommy, I am really excited about my birthday. I am going to be five!!"; Kristine says, "Mommy!! I weewwy cite my bifday. I FIVE!!"" Ha ha ha ha... They are too cute. We are finally finishing school. What a great year we have had. Everyone did great and seemed to enjoy it very much. And we get so spend a few days with my dear friend's daughter. My children absolutely love her and she is such a great help. She and Maddie love whipping up food for us in our kithcen - I made sure to get extra flour for the time she'll be her - that will be after camp.

This week is an exciting week - four of our five children are going to camp. Lindsay is going later on in the summer but we will get four days to spend together for a few hours. Maddie and Robert are going to sleep away camp for five days with two other children from our church and our youth pastor. They are very excited. Kristinie the Great and Beatrice are going to a morning camp with their cousins John and Rachel. They are really excited about that. I am going to take Lindsay to Sweet and Sassy - her very favorite place. She is a true girly girl so I try to accomodate that side of her. Sweet and Sassy is a little girl's salon where they can get haircuts, manicures, and pedicures. I am trying to decide if I will indulge her and let her get all three. I cut the girl's hair when my dear friend Amy can't do it and I am not too great at it. BUT it does save a lot of money that's for sure. After all, hair DOES grow back! Ah, here we go! Here are some photos:

Here are the children at the Dockside, one of our most favorite local restaurants. Of course, everyone wanted to sit outside and when we got outside it was so windy everyone complained and cried!! Can't win for losing, I guess!! From all the way in the back to the front, they are: Robert, Maddie, Kristine, Beatrice, and Lindsay.

These three pictures are Maddie taking photos of the little girls being models. They are very cooperative. If it was me, I probably would have socked Maddie in the nose and taken the camera!

I'm not quite sure about this one: some sort of avant garde pose I suppose.

Beatrice wearing my pants. She thinks she's funny.

There are some great advantages to being able to send photos of food to Mr. Handsome!! Except he never told me to be sure to come home with this bag of doritos. Sooooooooo, when texting him next time, I will be sure to purchase any food I take photos of. Oh, I did finally purchase the Doritos and the children and I love them. Not sure what he thinks of them.

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